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Arsene Lupin ll: The Gentleman Thief
Arsene Lupin ll: The Gentleman Thief
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Name: Arsene Lupin ll
Gender: A gentleman
Height: 5' 11''
Age: 25

Hair: Short and black
Eye Color: Black
Skin Color: Pale white
Build: Thin, but wiry

Style: Dark, inconspicuous, practical clothing for thief work. Always wears an unobtrusive bowler hat.

Demeanor: A gentleman thief, always unfailingly polite and courteous. Loyal to friends and allies, but quick to remind rivals why he rules the shadows. He is a thief for the thrill, not for the money. He has a distaste for violence and killing, always searching for a nonviolent approach. He also is a cat lover. A bit of a hedonist, but working on that unfortunate habit.

Voice: Normal London accent, but with a faint French tinge.

Other Traits: Has a soft spot for Blemmigans

After that unfortunate incident at the carnival, I have sworn off the spiced wine for a bit. You don't want to know what happened....
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I made a reference sheet for my character a while back, which was really fun to draw?

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Clem Larch, A Novice Strategian
Open to social requests and roleplaying!
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Drawing I made of my main character, Lacri, a looong time ago! Back when I first started playing, a year ago smile

Demeanor: Soft-spoken and sweet. Which heavily contrast with her occultist side and very... ah, peculiar company and interests. She's still pretty friendly if loopy and is approachable.

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Lacri Edelstein (Heart’s Desire) ; Author
Cheslav "Chess" Nikitov (Bag a Legend) ; Rat-Catcher
Vlad Cristea (Nemesis) ; Murderer
Teresa Muratori (Seeking) ; ?
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(New to this whole thing so I will probably talk too much about her, but feel free to send calling cards to her anytime!)

Eli-Lilly (last name unknown and would not like to share it, sometimes goes by the nickname Lili)
Gender: Female
Race: Human
Age: Either 18-21 (not quite sure yet, but enough to be nagged into marriage)

Height: Only slightly shorter than average
Build: Thin with almost no curves anywhere, looks almost malnourished, uses (gasp!) padding if she sees no other way to make the dresses fit so she may look more curvy sometimes

Skin color: Quite fair, but still shows hints of tan from happier days
Eye color: Ocean blue, almost always sparkling
Hair color: Blond

Hair style/quality: Long hair with a slight wave if left alone, in front of people she trust to a considerable degree Lili always leaves it hanging loose. If on the street you will either see a plait tucked to one side of the shoulder, in a tight bun or the latest style she agrees with. Will make a messy ponytail in fights finding it quite endearing and easy to move in

Usual clothing style: Has not yet found hers yet, but she is gravitating towards unobtrusive dresses with small details of color or flower-motifs. Slightly lower necklines than usual is a must, as she quickly has trouble breathing if someting is put around her throat. Has quite a fondness for trousers and will wear them around Watchmaker's Hill. Will almost always wear something green or blue

Usual demeanor: Kindhearted trough and through, she will often seem quite shy but if Lili sees someone in need she will go out of her way to help. Lili will often gladly talk to anyone, especially Urchins and do-gooders, she easely becomes exited on a topic and can talk for hours about anything that has caught her eye. She is also generous

Voice: Very sweet, has been descirbed as dripping honey, Lili can however change it very, very slightly at will, more motherly and soft or more sterner and reprimanding are her two favorites. Has quite a strong city-accent, but not Brittish

Other remarkable details:

Has an array of temporary hair colors for spying, but she never uses them. She was given them as a present from an old friend of her father.
Her father was a traitor to London and the empire and was banished to a country in the north, she has not taken a public stand on her fathers actions but currently belives that they were for the best.
Has a scandinavian mother and sometimes use foregin words, her blonde hair came from her father though
Wishes to create a orphanage to give the homeless children a place to stay, learn and give them love
Is very fond of most Urchins, finding them sweet and hoplessely adorable. They are warming up to her too

All sincere and like-minded are welcome to my parlour
(will gladly help) (NO SMEN for me please!)
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Nero Keller
Nero Keller
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21 days ago
Nero Keller, Monster-Hunter and Archbishop of Canterbury

Gender: Female
Age: 30+, deliberately unspecified on her part
Race: "Human" (Monster-Hunter)
Height: 137cm (4'6")
Build: Lithe in all departments, though with surprisingly (or not) firm muscles all around.

Overall appearance: She is by all accounts a tiny woman, and before she gained prestige, it was common for her to be mistaken for an adolescent. A younger adolescent, at that. Her face however betrays that, with gaunted cheeks, dark eyebags, prominent laugh lines. Age displays on her face so well, it's almost picturesque. That being said, sometimes she mysteriously is seen without any of those flaws, and her features then appear so youthful she could be mistaken for her own relative, like a niece. If she is caught during these mysteriously youthful occasions (skin treatments, perhaps?), her expression inevitably turns dour and her attitude is guarded compared to usual. Otherwise, it's difficult if not unheard of to see her without a smile on her face. A soft one, that promises the gentleness of magnanimity. God help you if that grin becomes cheeky. It's never a good sign when that magnanimity is gone.

Skin color: Light-skinned, but with a noticeable tan compared to most Europeans in the Neath. How in the Neath she manages to maintain such a tan is anyone's guess.
Eye color: Peligin, plain and simple. There are rumours that her eyes have seen as yellow, or perhaps golden, but how could that be possible when a glance tells you they're peligin?
Hair color: Greyed to the point of off-white
Hair style: Short, messily combed, and trimmed around the ears and collar. Masculine, certainly, but in a charming rather than outlandish manner for a woman like herself. Very practical for a lady who wishes to go hunting in the morning and attend a meeting that evening, and doesn't have time to spend hours on fixing her hair.

Usual clothing style: She has two main outfits. One is, of course, her Archbishop cassock, with a dignified purple covering her from zucchetto to ankles. The other is her hunting attire (also her casual attire, because of some degree of impropriety): a hiking skirt and rough-wearing shirt, covered by a cloak of cured monster-skin. In either case, she has on boots thick enough to withstand a fierce bite. Reluctantly, she has decided to stop carrying her bone harpoon with her while in her cassock. She still carries it with her at all times outside of that. Naturally, she wears a cross necklace on her, different ones depending on the situation. While hunting, her necklace is closer to a metal collar, since she doesn't need it so loose that it bounces around while hunting.

Demeanor: No doubt that she's a kindhearted woman. That's not to say her behaviour is always kind. She may smile at you softly, rest a hand on your shoulder comfortingly, while at the same time not holding her opinions back that you're a complete sinner and are ruining your own life as well as those around you (YMMV on if she thinks that about you specifically). There's always a strange disconnect from how polite she appears to try to be, and how callous she may act in spite of that. She's easily stubborn to a fault, but she rarely goes looking for a confrontation. It's still something to be wary about if you decide to approach her with a problem. At the same time, while she attempts to be polite to everyone, there's an undeniable aura of superiority about her, as if she's constantly speaking to others as if they were children. "I have no pride in myself, but I have pride in my Lord and the blessings he creates through me. Perhaps you are lacking in faith if you mistake it for smugness," she would explain, her grin growing minutely wider.

Voice: Deep, soft, and throaty. Can be almost ASMR when she speaks at lower volumes, but the other problem is she has trouble being heard. Her inside voice is hard to hear over a crowd, and her outside voice is almost a shout. There's not much room between them, and she doesn't show interest in changing that. She has a noticeable German accent, but she's been speaking English long enough that it doesn't affect her understandability (besides French loanwords, which sound like a verbal blasphemy when she says them).

Other remarkable details:

She has many scars from hunting accidentals and calculated hunting successes, but almost all of them are along her arms, legs, and chest. It would be a strange day indeed for anyone besides perhaps a servant to see them.

She also partakes in sparring at Feducci's request, after seeing how she hunts. She has over a hundred sanguine ribbons, and seeing as how she doesn't have bandages like Feducci, she instead affixes all of them to her harpoon and its rope. She wears exactly two ribbons on her person for duels, one almost satirically tied in her hair ("The one from the first person I killed"), and one around her collar, hung down just enough to be in front of her heart ("The one from the first person to kill me"). The latter is actually from her own blood—when she killed them back in a later duel, she left them with their bout's ribbon while taking the ribbon with her blood instead.

https://www.fallenlondon.com/profile/Archbishop%20Nero%20Keller - Nero Keller, Monster Hunter of a notoriously small stature and absurdly high Dangerous. Paramount Presence, Archbishop, highly Renowned, incredibly ascetic.
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6 days ago
Name: August [indistinguishable]
Gender: A gentleman
Height: 185 cm/6 feet 0.8 inch
Age: 26

Hair: A vivid brown colour, curly and voluminous, about 8 cm long ~ 3 inch curling at the ends, if it's wet it reaches his eyes flattened on his forehead and halfway down his neck.
Eye Colour:
*Originally: a bright blue iris with green accents near the pupil.
*Now: Slightly clouded eyes as if a Storm-cloud hangs before them. Or when there are no clouds an Apocyan with a hint of Viric near the pupil.
Skin Colour: A slightly tanned Caucasian hide.
Build: Broad shouldered with a bit of a connoisseur's belly. Overall still rather fit.

Usual Clothing Style: Most stylish or most scandalous! Often coming up with outrageous combination of clothes, a Set of Cosmogene Spectacles along with a Devilish Fedora whilst wearing a Forgotten-Shore Parabola Linen Suit, a Sumptuous Dandy's Outfit or one of his own Neathy Outfits. Around his fingers he wears a couple of rings, a Twelve-Carat Diamond ring around his left middle finger, around his left pinkie a Brass ring with a cross carved into it and around his right middle finger an antique ring worth killing for. Around his neck you can see a bit of gold, under his clothes he has tucked away a Golden Spiked Rosary, under his suit he wears a pair of fitting shoes. Depending on what he's wearing he wears stylish Dancing Slippers or a pair of sturdy Vakeskin boots, but regardless of what he wears his steps are silent as if careful not to wake the dead and his shoelaces always in a tidy mess. Sometimes when he walks around he'll have a small golden cross hanging from a red ribbon pinned to his right chest.

Demeanour: A magnanimous man that loves indulging in the pleasures of life should one give him the chance. Certainly is not afraid to use daring tactics to obtain what he needs, however he prefers to obtain what he needs through less direct methods, given the opportunity. He can be quite heartless when he doesn't feel like being Magnanimous but if he has given his word, he shall see it through no matter the cost and no matter the lengths he'll have to go through.
He loves being praised by others for any reason at all, and loves going to the Square of Lofty Words simply to yell his opinion at the top of his lungs and discuss with whomever comes forward to have a discussion with.

Voice: a deep, loud but gentle voice. It's a soothing voice that clearly has an accent that did not come from the Neath, it is from the Surface, but it is a waning accent, he has been down here for about 6 years now after all. Taking on a more generic London accent.

Other remarkable details:

* Entourage: Depending on how he feels he can be seen walking around without seemingly any entourage or some of the more unique ones. In the Flit when you look up you can always see at least one or two Urchins following this man, in Veilgarden he's often accompanied by a pair of moths, a Black dog with yellow eyes and what feels like four tigers, yet one cannot see them though their presence is felt. In Spite the Criminals steer clear of him as they notice him, as if pulled by strings by someone unseen.
Two of the more curious areas to meet this fellow are Watchmakers hill, where many beasts walk with him, a Monkey wielding a Spirifier's Fork, a flock of Ravens and Bats, with one of the bats being enormous in size, an Owl the size of a man, a bunch of Blemmigans and an ungodly amount of weasels. One can see him from afar by his hundreds of weasels. And Ladybones' road, where he is followed by a fair amount of cats that all seem to strut around as if they own the place, these cats are followed by other common street cats so they might just own the place indeed.

* Hoard: as a hoarder of the many secrets and items of the Neath August has amassed an incredible amount of items alongside with certain rarities amongst this. He has bought multiple houses across London simply to use them as storage for his massive troves.

* The Great Name Scandal: when August first came down here to the Neath it was to forget his past so he indulged in the Pleasures of Wine and Honey in amounts none would think possible, having gorged on so much of the Honey and having had quite a wild party unlike those ordinary Neath-goers could handle. Combined with no-one knowing his true name he gained the nickname of Honeyaddict, he liked it and had it stick to him, much like the Honey that stuck on his clothes which he had to burn.

Honeyaddict, Glassman, Scarlet Saint, Paramount Presence, Übergoat owner
pleasure to meet you.

Has some strange ideas the Masters probably won't approve of like some items and establishing a Colony in Parabola.

Please send me a calling card first, I will accept most social interactions. I do enjoy role playing as well, cheers!
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