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Infinity Simulacrum wrote:
Tystefy wrote:

Could you delete this? You're stretching the whole page out.

Could you delete this? You're referencing something that's been fixed.

We can both delete these posts together.

Don't think too deeply on that. It's not weird.

Currently borderline AFK.
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The Eloquent Spy
The Eloquent Spy
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Ethel McLaniel

Gender: Bigender, assigned male at birth (usually feels female, occasionally feels male)
Race: Human
Age: 26
Height: 5'7
Build: Broad-shouldered, more thick than thin.

Skin color: Very pale, as are most people in the Neath.
Eye color: Originally brown, changed to a few different shades of green.
Hair color: Originally dark grey-brown, changed to light a very light auburn/chestnut.
Hair style/quality: Originally wavy and kept down, they took to putting it all up in a very purposefully "cute" messy bun after making it more curly.

Usual clothing style: On important occasions, they wear their layered ivory gown and dancing slippers, sometimes accompanied by a certain overcritical top hat. And, of course, their twelve carrot diamond (wedding?) ring. They don't wear corsets. For more casual adventures they just put on a loose grey-green shirt and a flowing black skirt/pair of pants. And their lovely salivating lentals, of course!

Usual demeanor: Ethel likes to find out as much as they can before making decisions, and usually does this by either flirting with or just generally charming people.

Voice: On the higher side of the spectrum, but not shrill.

Other remarkable details: Ethel acquired a clay arm during an exceptional story, but tries to be discreet about it. Covering it with silk gloves and lace sleeves and all that. Their neck is pretty scarred up, but they removed all their facial blemishes when recreating their face. Aside from that, Ethel has a long, thin scar they got across their side in a fight at the Black Ribbon. They have a jagged scar up their forearm from spending nineteen days as Jack. They have a bite-wound from the Eater-Of-Chains.
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Reinol von Lorica
Reinol von Lorica
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Reinol von Lorica

Gender: Male
Race: Human
Height: 5'10
Build: Average

Skin colour: Pale
Eye colour: Dark green
Hair colour: Dark auburn
Hair style: Slightly messy. His auburn hair fits the top and lower neck nicely

Usual clothing style: Reinol normally wears a lavish dark waistcoat and a plain dress shirt with a matching tie along with a black frock coat or long coat with the buttons being loose. He also wears a pair of glasses. Lower apparel consists of black trousers and boots.

Usual demeanor: Reinol tends to calm and watchful.Despite this, he can be very persuasive at times and prefers to work his way around problems.

Voice: Has a noticeable accent. Most likely from his German roots.

Other details-None to be noted
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Harriet Sorrows

Gender: Female
Race: Human
Age: 21

Height: 5'10"
Build: Lanky, with a decidedly straight and un-feminine figure. Proves to be quite the dressmaker's nightmare, sometimes.

Skin color: Olive, with golden undertones. A few freckles scattered over her nose.
Eye color: A russet brown.
Hair color: Chestnut brown.
Hair style/quality: Curly. Kept very short and boyish-looking.

Usual clothing style: Harriet is severely far-sighted and never seen without a pair of round, tortoise shell glasses. She has an old fondness for a working man's clothes paired with small pearl earrings; a new and growing one for headscarves, cardigans, kimonos. Comfort has always been -- and remains -- her chiefest concern.

Usual demeanor: Miss Sorrows is -- perhaps ironically -- often seen smiling. Whether relaxing, indulging in curiosities or speaking in playfully conspiratorial tones, she has an undeniable tendency towards cheerfulness and joie de vivre. Young and eager to learn, she otherwise takes her cues from the more experienced folk of London.

Voice: A lilting voice with an Edinburgh accent. Half the things she says sound like the beginning of a rhyme.
Other remarkable details: Harriet's father is an experienced zailor with a tendency to skimp Neath's details in his letters (he sends them, still, every week, as does she reply). She came to the Neath to surprise (and quite possibly infuriate) him the next time he makes port. If she's exceptionally lucky, he might finally tell her what he does out there.


Remembrance Chandler

Gender: Female
Race: Human
Age: 27

Height: 5'7"
Build: That of an average young woman? Possibly. It's hard to tell under all that clothing, honestly.

Skin color: Pale to the point of pallidness.
Eye color: Black enough to make iris and pupil indistinguishable. Sometimes there are dark circles underneath which show a little lack of sleep. Sometimes there are ones which show a lot of it.
Hair color: A very fair shade of blonde (she'll go grey young).
Hair style/quality: Straight. Almost waist-length, when she lets it down (she never does). Save for a rare strand now and then, the lot of it remains perpetually trapped beneath her bonnet.

Usual clothing style: Heavy black gowns, long of skirt and sleeve, paired with lace collar and bonnet. There are at least a few knives hidden under all that. We may go so far as to infer a rifle.

Usual demeanor: Miss Chandler is quiet and unassuming. She fulfills her duties efficiently and to the letter, asking no unnecessary questions. She abstains from city vices and, when not directly engaged in church duties and good works, spends her time reading, working for The Department of Menace Eradication, and mending the items of clothing she's had damaged while working for The Department of Menace Eradication.

Voice: Something subtle and low to the ground, usually little more than a whisper. Her accent is some upper-class strain of English; her sentences clipped, and to the point. Strangely, she often sounds a little hoarse.
Other remarkable details: She came to London to assist the Church and engage in missionary work. She grows slightly undisciplined around both desserts and cats. Her eyebrows vanished at some point in the eighties and haven't been seen since. Recently, she's begun to have discomforting dreams: of betrayal, of murder, of a desire for vengeance. Justice? Could it be so?

Light a candle.

edited by Pipedream on 8/1/2017
edited by Pipedream on 8/1/2017

Harriet Sorrows - zailor's daughter. Came to see the zee.

Remembrance Chandler - devout missionary. Came to do whatever needs doing.
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Jack Blackstone
Jack Blackstone
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Well Here is a Poster of my Characters next performance at Mahogany Hall!

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26 days ago


Race: Human
Age: 20

Height: 155 cm
Build: Matronly, the type that a child (or a lover) could snugly embrace, and robust, the type that can single-handedly eliminate a horde of angry Constables.

Skin color: Medium olive
Eye color: Black
Hair color: Black
Hair style/quality: Waist-length and wavy, worn undone/braided/swept in an updo, whatever the occasion calls for.

Usual clothing style: Comfortable dresses in deep jewel colors. Whenever she feels homesick, a simple kutubaru kebaya and a sarung of intricately patterned chintz. Doesn't like wearing corsets, but for parties she would tightly wrap her waist in a lengthy scarf over her chemise.

Usual demeanor: Rambunctious, with a contagious optimism. Loud, brash and unashamedly flirtatious, even when her grammar fails to catch up. Gets very angry very easily whenever she sees injustice or suffering.

Voice: Sweet, deep and sticky, not unlike honey. Stopped pretending an English accent long ago, now unashamedly comfortable in her percussive Southeast Asian accent.

Other remarkable details: Persistent eyebags. People quietly assumed her as one of those honey-sippers. To tell the truth, she just doesn't consider sleep important. Especially when one is an occasional lover of the Sardonic Music-Hall Singer and Feducci, and a full-time caretaker of her adopted Winsome Orphan, Severin, as well as Hector, the Nadir-shocked Firebrand.




Aristophanes Quartermaine

Gender: Male
Race: Human
Age: Late 40s

Height: 187 cm
Build: Slender, with a minimum "dad bod"-ness thanks to years of eschewing the S-Bahn for cycling through the Berlin commute.

Skin color: Dark olive, with a smattering of diminishing freckles.
Eye color: Clear green, often glowing viric when he's dream-walking.
Hair color: Brown. Just... brown. Not exactly dark, not really light either.
Hair style/quality: Chin-length curls.

Usual clothing style: When venturing outside the house; fitted midnight-blue frock coat, tasselled cane, stovepipe hat, and painstakingly-polished shoes. When inside the house; hoodies and boxers. In Parabola, he became as a Byzantine emperor. What a huge history nerd. He even brought his books with him to the Neath, much to his daughters' chagrin. ("We could have used that space for more clean underwear!")

Usual demeanor: Spends a good portion of his days in Parabola. Has an air of easy elegance around him, easily weaving in and out of Society circles. Yet he does not possess the arrogance expected from his cultivation - in his waking nights, he would either walk to the Docks or to the Clay Quarters, listening to the downtrodden.

Voice: Deep yet soft, almost melodious. Never raises his voice. Impeccably British.

Other remarkable details: Once visited Dr. Schlomo early on to help him make sense of the Parabola, ended up refuting ALL his theories through Lacanian psychoanalysis and Baudrillard's simulacrum theory. The Viennese alienist ran out crying. During Aristophanes' Parabola stroll that night, a smiling old man in brass jewellery and once-white linen approached him by a drowned forest.


Prometheus Quartermaine

Gender: Female
Race: Human
Age: 18

Height: 172 cm
Build: Sturdy from regular sparring, chubby from always being the fastest to the dining table.

Skin color:
Very pale, with a smattering of diminishing freckles.
Eye color: Clear green, mostly avoids eye contact.
Hair color: Strawberry blonde.
Hair style/quality: Silky straight, waist-long. Always worn long, sometimes tied to a ponytail.

Usual clothing style: Opera cloak worn over plaid flannels, sweaters, or plain black t-shirts. Docmarts. Hooked cane, in case of fights. Always black, sometimes green or blue.

Usual demeanor: Rowdy and intense, often found organizing in the docks or clashing with neddy men. Somehow, after her involvement in the unions a lot of those neddy men turned around and joined them. Rumormongers painted her as a mighty seductress, to which she replied "not even the thiccest[sic] ass could stand a chance with good agitprop."

Voice: Too high-pitched for her liking, tries to make it sound deeper during conversations. Chirpy laughter. Still remembers the British accent, but under pressure (or alcohol) she yields to the more familiar German.

Other remarkable details: The portal was her idea. Wanted to help with her sister's history assignment. Due to a miscalculation they arrived at a different universe through the Nadir, to the spectacle of Sekar intervening the lovebirds' quarrel. Found employment immediately under April, now scrambling to find a way to go home.


Grainne Quartermaine

Gender: Female
Race: Human
Age: 12

Height: 145 cm
Build: Slender from intensive theatre study, also from never being the fastest to the dining table.

Skin color: Medium olive, with a smattering of diminishing freckles.
Eye color: Hazel, with lush eyelashes.
Hair color: Brown. Dark brown.
Hair style/quality: Curly wilderness down to her back. Either left loose or worn in a braided bun.

Usual clothing style: An array of sleeveless tunics, flowing skirts and crop tops, covered with a trench coat or pashmina. Mostly barefoot for better energy sensitivity.

Usual demeanor: During the false-day, she's usually painting, writing short stories, or studying the Neathbow alchemy at their cramped room, avoiding being scooped by the Constables for not being at school. During the false-night, she spins threads of cosmogone and viric radiated by her dream-walking father. Sometimes she comes to the roof, giving lessons to the urchins in exchange for Correspondence tutelage, scribbled in viric ink to pacify the flames.

Voice: Unassuming and light, but can be played to elicit various effects, ranging from mollifying coos to thunderous roars. Distinctly German, but can switch to a passable British accent.

Other remarkable details: An energy witch, she is profoundly attuned to the powers unique to the Neath. Although this proves most beneficial to her creative and scientific endeavors, the things that crept into her dreams are beyond horror. Even by Neath standards. Eschewing their father's protests, she had to rely on laudanum brought daily by her sister to sleep well.

edited by sekar on 8/30/2017


Sekar, a Rambunctious Socialist with an unhealthy inclination towards a particularly combustible language.

Other characters:

The Reluctant Oneironaut : Spends the better part of his days sleeping while his daughters study him in his dreaming-state.
The Uproarious Mechanic : A new challenger to the drinking champions of the Blind Helmsman.
The Cordial Chromatomancer : Young enough to be an urchin, yet too clean to pass as one.
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Lady Jen Black
Lady Jen Black
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19 days ago
Lady Jen Black

Gender: Female
Race: Human
Age: Early 20s

Height: 5'7" (170cm)
Build: Lean and toned, the slender build typical of gymnasts. Didn't get enough to eat in her youth.

Skin color: Medium, slightly tanned
Eye color: A deep blue that looks irrigo-purple in some lights
Hair color: Black
Hair style/quality: Slightly wavy, medium-length. Usually ties it up in a ponytail with side-swept bangs, but leaves it down when in society.

Usual clothing style: Typically wears a fitted dark shirt and trousers with a white cravat and a dark green coat with silver embroidery. Changes to her Strange-Shore Parabola Frock when in the salons of society, or to impress academics in the University (or she will, once she gets there).
Usual demeanor: Has impeccable poise and grace. Stalks around with hunter in every line of her posture. A critical gaze in her sharp eyes. Enters a room and immediately analyses the best path to the exits. Talks to a person and simultaneously thinks about how to take them down or manipulate them. Charming but intimidating.

Voice: Alto, steely and snarky at the same time.

Other remarkable details: A scar across the bridge of her nose. That's the only visible one, at least.

Lady Jen Black - Appearance - Backstory - MBTI - Song - Portrait - RP Directory
Accepting calling cards. Please send one
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