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10 days ago
Infinity Simulacrum wrote:
Tystefy wrote:

Could you delete this? You're stretching the whole page out.

Could you delete this? You're referencing something that's been fixed.

We can both delete these posts together.

Don't think too deeply on that. It's not weird.

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The Eloquent Spy
The Eloquent Spy
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7 days ago
Ethel McLaniel

Gender: Bigender, assigned male at birth (usually feels female, occasionally feels male)
Race: Human
Age: 26
Height: 5'7
Build: Broad-shouldered, more thick than thin.

Skin color: Very pale, as are most people in the Neath.
Eye color: Originally brown, changed to a few different shades of green.
Hair color: Originally dark grey-brown, changed to light a very light auburn/chestnut.
Hair style/quality: Originally wavy and kept down, they took to putting it all up in a very purposefully "cute" messy bun after making it more curly.

Usual clothing style: On important occasions, they wear their layered ivory gown and dancing slippers, sometimes accompanied by a certain overcritical top hat. And, of course, their twelve carrot diamond (wedding?) ring. They don't wear corsets. For more casual adventures they just put on a loose grey-green shirt and a flowing black skirt/pair of pants. And their lovely salivating lentals, of course!

Usual demeanor: Ethel likes to find out as much as they can before making decisions, and usually does this by either flirting with or just generally charming people.

Voice: On the higher side of the spectrum, but not shrill.

Other remarkable details: Ethel acquired a clay arm during an exceptional story, but tries to be discreet about it. Covering it with silk gloves and lace sleeves and all that. Their neck is pretty scarred up, but they removed all their facial blemishes when recreating their face. Aside from that, Ethel has a long, thin scar they got across their side in a fight at the Black Ribbon. They have a jagged scar up their forearm from spending nineteen days as Jack. They have a bite-wound from the Eater-Of-Chains.
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Reinol von Lorica
Reinol von Lorica
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5 days ago
Reinol von Lorica

Gender: Male
Race: Human
Height: 5'10
Build: Average

Skin colour: Pale
Eye colour: Dark green
Hair colour: Dark auburn
Hair style: Slightly messy. His auburn hair fits the top and lower neck nicely

Usual clothing style: Reinol normally wears a lavish dark waistcoat and a plain dress shirt with a matching tie along with a black frock coat or long coat with the buttons being loose. He also wears a pair of glasses. Lower apparel consists of black trousers and boots.

Usual demeanor: Reinol tends to calm and watchful.Despite this, he can be very persuasive at times and prefers to work his way around problems.

Voice: Has a noticeable accent. Most likely from his German roots.

Other details-None to be noted
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