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Marianne Anders
Marianne Anders
Posts: 127

I appreciate the offer! Similarly, I'll post here if I find it.

I think the one card at a time thing has its benefits, but it can also be very maddening. And also, considering that the action limit has been lifted unilaterally, feels more than a little pointless. Towards the end of the content, I discarded far more cards than I played through, and it would've been less frustrating if I'd had more options, I think.

...I would definitely replay all the content if I had the option! I was thinking that maybe a "forget all you've gained" choice in the pool of memories tent would be nicely poetic.

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James Sinclair
James Sinclair
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I haven't had any luck finding a second Night-Sky Feather so far. However, I did finally reach the 'A fully-fledged rêveur' card' (and received The Admiration of the Circus), which states that I've completed all the tasks in the game.

Maybe it's only possible to get a single feather? The option to hang out with the out with the Illusionist (which requires two night-sky feathers) might exist but be impossible to reach; it could be a simple oversight in the game's design. Either that, or the second feather is very well hidden/rare...

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