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Jermaine Vendredi wrote:
You can upgrade the raven and once you have your little raven collection, get rid of it.
Or think of it as money with feathers and sell it for the echoes.

It'd be nice to have something in your weekly reward that isn't just useless other than for money. It might aswell just be money, then. And the uselessness comes from the profession item itself making it obsolete, which seems poorly planned, and was not always the case when the Raven was still a game referral item. That use of it has been removed, with no replacement, making it a rather poor professional reward for someone already receiving a Companion from their profession. You also get a Lucky Weasel, but those at least still retain other uses, and don't require investments to upgrade them to something still inferior to the tier 2 professional item.

I'm also not really looking to be personally consoled about the quality of my professional reward, but rather looking for an improvement. Simply: the Raven Advisor is an INTERESTING item, but it's proliferation is abysmal simply because its most accessible source is the Trickster professional rewards (barring straight out purchase), where they remain stuck to that person, generally of little use to them even after upgrading, and every week another one is uselessly added to the pile, with no way to share them with London at large to get people that would be interested in experiencing them or could benefit from their use (for either stats or at the very least, their card's non-upgrade related option.)
It's essentially a waste of the items experience in both oversupplying Tricksters with endless, useless copies and undersupplying the rest of players with coming across them in a curious manner similar to cats or panther kittens that involves social interaction.
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29 days ago
There's a major continuity error if you complete the Last Constable storyline in certain ways before the Nemesis storyline.

[spoiler]I encountered and conversed with the Cheery Man again after he died.[/spoiler]

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Gul al-Ahlaam
Gul al-Ahlaam
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20 days ago
I love love love the Season of Adorations, but would it be possible to change the main tracker qualities for those stories from hidden to visible? It's really nice to get a permanent memento of the story and the ending you chose that you can show off on your mantlepiece. Thanks so much! ^_^

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