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Honeyaddict wrote:
Hmm, I bought up all the houses at first as I thought I'd be able to sell them through stories or cards later, or rent them out like a landowner or a real estate agent.
It would be a fun extra storyline to be able to rent out your unused homes (but make you unable to get into them while you rent them out) or sell them off at an auction of sorts.

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I find it interesting that we can protest shroom hopping in-game but not the weasel-fighting tournament, considering the controversy around animal fighting in the real world. I know, I know, Deliberate Values Dissonance and all that, but considering we can be sympathetic towards rattly concerns, you'd think there would be an option for Londoners who oppose cruelty to weasels, too.

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Meradine Heidenreich
Meradine Heidenreich
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Fear not, it will be Weasellers to the Rescue!

For weasels are not alone or unaided in this world, we are breeding a force of Fighting Weasels from distant Araby even now, along with Salt weasels to bring up the rear and tend the wounded, and Celebrated Weasels who will burst into song to herald the attack and hearten our troops.

(Some of us like weasels. Feel free to join us. 400 required.)


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The Elfin Cannibal
The Elfin Cannibal
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If we ever actually get the end of the Ambitions, the only Heart's Desire a Seeker should be able to get is 77 SMEN. Any other desire should be locked out, for obvious reasons.

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