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Category: Weapon
A steam-powered, ironclad dreadnought of an argument, bound up in a bow reading "Ultima Ratio Regum". As cunning as a weasel recently promoted to lead Benthic's Department of Exceptionally Cunning Studies, its manifold intermeshed moving parts give the listener an irrational urge to keep their fingers well clear until it stops. The recipient is left with the distinct impression of facing down a Maxim gun. Those not convinced by its logic are baffled by its complexity.
Watchful +10, Persuasive +8, Shadowy -6, Bizarre +1, Dreaded +1.
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edited by Shogo_Yahagi on 12/22/2017
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Well, of course, items that allow you to romance various characters immediately spring to mind (not that I think of women as objects), but I''l do one for each account:

Mutable Key (Weapon) Shadowy +3 Bizarre +1
This key opens, like most others, only one door, of course. It just seems to be rather confused about which one sometimes...

Truculent Trench-Coat (Clothing) Dangerous +4 Dreaded +1
A rather battered coat always looking for a fight. Made out of hardy "leather". What? What are you looking at? Surface cows are in short supply down here! Come over here and say that to its, er, "face"!

Artistically Inclined Beret (Hat) Persuasive +4 Respectable +1
No matter how hard you try, you just can't get it to sit straight on your head; it remains at a perpetual rakish tilt. And when wearing it, you tend to have trouble speaking with anything less than the most æsthetic of demeanors... B---er it! There it goes again!
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11 days ago
Cannibal's Table
Home Comfort
No matter what you were planning to serve, everything placed on this table tastes almost like pork.
+3 Dreaded, +1 Bizarre, +3 Suspicion, +1 Unaccountably Peckish

Adder Stone
A river rock with a hole through it. It was once believed that you could see through Faerie glamours using this.
+9 Watchful

They are neither man nor woman, they are neither beast nor human; they are ghouls.
+5 Dreaded, +1 Unaccountably Peckish

Half horse, half shark. Only a fool would try to ride.
+5 Dangerous, +3 Troubled Waters
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DO you recall how the Hunger began?
I'm sorry, my darling, I don't think I can!
FROM past the High Wilderness and beyond
Don't dare to go Seeking, but of Him I'm fond.
--The Elfin Cannibal

Bohemian. Revolutionary. Fond of Rubbery Men. Carefully friendly towards He In The Well.
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