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Here you can find help from other players. Find a chess partner, someone to listen to your nightmares, or a clique.

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13 days ago
Greetings, delicious friends! Prudence May is a rat-catcher with dreams of taking down the Vake, but she's trying to become better at interacting with people so she can hunt the beast better. If any Legendary Charisma would be willing to help improve her persuasive, I would greatly appreciate it!

She can be found here --
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Vincent van Grey
Vincent van Grey
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13 days ago
Good evening, delicious friend.

My Name is Nikodemos van Grey.
Collector of moonlight and blessed with a talent of finding things.
My buisness had recently bring me from the Iron Repulic to Fallen London.
Im searching a gentelmen who can study me in the fine arts of stealth and cunning.

My portfolio
Dangerous 7
Persuasive 17
Shadowy 41
watchful 31

A little riddle for your amusement
My magic circle has seven lit foxfire candles. When you blow out one candle in the circle, the two adjacent candles are extinguished as well. If you blow on a candle that has already been extinguished, it will relight. And if there is an extinguished candle next to the one you blow on, it also will relight.
Extingish all lights. Reign from the shadows.

I will be found here https://www.fallenlondon.com/profile/Nikodemus%20van%20Grey
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Brass Lion
Brass Lion
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5 days ago
I am Melchior Cavendish. I'm new to this place. Well, maybe not any more - I think I'm making the Neath my home, now and hereafter. I'm looking for a patron - any sort of patron, this place is terribly confusing. Mushroom wine? Masters? That language that sets your hair on fire? Too strange.

Watchful 56
Shadowy 46
Dangerous 72
Persuasive 38

(Melchior is my second character, so I'm able to bounce some social actions around. You might also get some social actions from my main.)

A Neathy riddle: My life lasts hours as I am devoured. I am tall when young and short when old. You are eating me, for some reason. Stop looking for seven of me, for God's sake what are you doing for yourself? All this for a Name?


One day the city will scream my name.

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