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Here you can find help from other players. Find a chess partner, someone to listen to your nightmares, or a clique.

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Greetings, delicious friends. Ackerly is a devilish, silver-tongued rogue who has found new artistic vision, owing to the generous removal of his soul by his infernal friends. Some say his new art is madness. Some say it is disgusting, abominable. But art is art, no? And he puts so very much effort into his. Subtle, ruthless, and hedonistic, Ackerly Diomedes seeks training in the arts of physical subtlety (shadowy), so as to propel himself into significance.

His base stats:
Watchful: 66
Shadowy: 48
Dangerous: 59
Persuasive: 106

"Two men sit on gilded thrones;
Face to face, eye to eye;
Both are bald, both are old;

But vultures circle only one.
Why is this?"


Ackerly Diomedes, mad, bad, and dangerous to know. Anything is worth its price in the name of art.
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Lieutenant Felix Fitzpatrick is the second son of a successful mariner. Finding himself cut off from his previous life on the surface, Felix has set out to build a new legacy beneath the false stars of Fallen London.

Watchful 58
Shadowy 37
Dangeous 27
Persuasive 29
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Respected Delicious Friends,

My name is Cornelius Greene. I am looking for a patron who are willing to teach me in the way of Fallen London. My stats are of the following:

Watchful: 30
Shadowy: 18
Dangerous: 57
Persuasive: 50

Though embarrassing to admit, I have only been in the Neath for a couple of weeks and still have a lot to learn in the ways of Fallen London. I was a Lieutenant of sort on the surface and have come to Fallen London because of unfortunate circumstances; which, once again, unfortunately, the reason I can not share. Since then I have been seeking a way to really understand who I am and learn my true place in this oddly charming world. My work as of the moment, is writing short stories to earn a living, with the occasional odd jobs on Watchmaker's Hill.
I also understand that the stated two skill I hope to learn are contradictory in nature; and thus I welcome advises on how to better reach my true, full, potential. As I stated previously, I am relatively new to this world so I hope you understand where I'm coming from and answer a plea from this humble gentleman.

Cornelius Greene

Here is the link to my name card: https://www.fallenlondon.com/profile/Cornelius%20Greene

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Dear Respected Friend,

I am happy to announce that I have found a generous and irresistible, as well as a mysterious sinister mentor. However, I shan't refuse any person who would like to be my patron or anyone who wish to be a friend of mine. And should any require assistance from this gentleman, I shall give them my help to the best of my abilities. Thank you for all the help and time you delicious friends have given this humble letter. This humble gentleman is, truly, humbled.


Here is the link to my name card: https://www.fallenlondon.com/profile/Cornelius%20Greene
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Respected and surely very tasty friends,

My parents gave me the name stormgathering. Don't ask; they had some odd ideas about childrearing. I'm returning to the Neath after a decent amount of time away and I was hoping I might find a patron in the dangerous arts.

Watchful: 82
Shadowy: 43
Dangerous: 37
Persuasive: 100

You can find me at most hours in the vicinity of the Brass Embassy doing nothing unethical whatsoever. I don't know anything about souls. Thank you.

Update: I think I've found a patron, the charming and dangerous Snallygaster. Thank you all.
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I hope this letter finds you in good health. My name is Werner Salaman, and I am a new arrival to this mysterious land. I wish for a patron in the watchful arts, but really any help would be appreciated.

My stats are as follows:

Watchful: 17
Shadowy: 21
Dangerous: 10
Persuasive: 20

As for a riddle, I am afraid I do not have one of my own, but perhaps this one that I heard many years ago could be serviceable:
I sizzle like bacon
I spit like an egg
I have plenty of backbone, but lack a good leg
I peel layers like onions, but still remain whole
I am long like a flagpole, yet fit in a hole
What am I?


Update: I have found a patron, thank you for browsing this thread though! Big Grin
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26 days ago
Greetings fellow Fallen Londoners,

Kranach, quiet and inscrutable gentleman, learnt quite a lot about ways of Neath already. He is slow to trust, yet those who earn his respect, can find in him loyal and cheerful friend.

Most of his skills already passed the threshold beyond which patronage is feasible, yet he would be happy to learn from someones who excel in matters of Watchfulness and/or Danger. Or just anyone, whether of some importance or not, willing to share knowledge, stories or bottles of gin.

Watchful: 86
Shadowy: 115
Dangerous: 92
Persuasive: 101

There is one "riddle", that occupies his mind most of the time, yet he still cannot come to terms with its solution.

What can change nature of a man?


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Quinn Dobranoc
Quinn Dobranoc
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24 days ago
'llo, folks. Name's Dobranoc.

Been 'round a while, now, but never made friends. Never much talk in me. 'Silent type'. Get the gist.

'Lone Wolf'-ing...tiresome. Dull. Can skulk only so long. So...

Dobbs not much a detective, so'd like a mentor, help keep eyes sharp - priority. Many thank to come.

Lessons to help...talk...good...appreciated, too.

Watchful: 44
Shadowy: 104
Dangerous: 97
Persuasive: 87


"It follows you wherever you will -
Dress in black? 'tis darker still.
Fades at dusk, is made at dawn,
Flees the thing from which it's born.

What is it?"

Fingers now crossed.

edited by Dobranoc on 12/24/2018

The Bright-Eyed Laconic ~ Quinn Dobranoc, Trickster and Thief
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20 days ago

Watchful 79
Shadowy 37
Dangerous 55
Persuasive 92

MaireadAnnette is a compelling and insightful individual of mysterious and indistinct gender seeking a patron, preferably a guide to the fascinating shadowy places of the neath. A true hedonist, MaireadAnnette enjoys galavanting about, scandalizing the Ministry of Public Decency, and taking long sabbaticals in the Tomb Colonies.
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Grant van der Merwe
Grant van der Merwe
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18 days ago
Respected friends,

I have no one to blame but myself. On the surface I had a life that was charmed, if perhaps not gilded. I was a man of science, of letters, with a tenured post at a fine university; I had a comfortable home, opportunities to travel, and people who cared about me. There was no sane reason to turn away from that life, and yet I did. The implication there seems obvious.

And yet, there seemed at the time -- and still seems today -- that there was truly no other option for me. The very forces that drove me into academia -- a thirst for knowledge, a need to know, to truly understand our place in the universe -- drove me out of it as well, and here, to the Neath. I cannot turn away, and will not, so long as my heart beats and my mind sustains thought.

But I have come to recognize the dangers of being here, too, and I am not too proud to admit that I may be in over my head. Please, you who read this, consider taking me as a protégé -- I need all forms of guidance, but I am most of all compelled to attempt to better my mind.

I am here. My eyes are open. I will not turn away.

Watchful 71
Shadowy 50
Dangerous 53
Persuasive 66

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13 days ago
My fellow children of the Neath,

Some call me Doctor, but you may call me whatever you wish. What I seek is not a name, after all, but something rather more... tangible. And while the Neath offers many sinful pockets to explore and gather from, some of them are deeper than I can manage. Subtlety can carry one only so far.

Thus, I petition you, good people of London. To all you esteemed and talented folk, won't you spare an evening to help elevate this frugal, honest gentleman? I promise, should you be so exceptionally kind, no Londoner shall be ignorant of your good name.

Watchful 76
Shadowy 95
Dangerous 66
Persuasive 82

"What do you call a doctor, an aspirant of the Imposter Church, and a petty thief?"

Edit: The kind gentleman Desmond Jordan has offered his most Watchful patronage. May the luck of the Flit forever grace him.
Edit 2: I have now come under the tutelage of a second patron: the Dangerously puissant Sam Norrey. A toast to his eternal health!
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Light-fingered trickster and devil-friend. All social actions are welcome.
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3 days ago
Greetings, prospective Patrons!

My name is Elizabeth Fairweather. Today I come to you to petition for acceptance by a member of your esteemed ranks. As a very recent immigrant to the city of Fallen London, this grand city is satiating my desire for mystery far more greatly than any Surface area ever could. Regretfully, many of these mysteries are far beyond even my talents - in fact, a level of Watchfulness considered significant on the Surface is nearly worthless down here.

While I would normally "tough it out", as the folks say, my attempts to do so have been plagued with nightmares that I dare say are rather supernatural in their intensity. I fear they may consume me before I can embark on a journey to uncover the answers to the greatest mysteries of all. After this last sleepless night, I've become rather tired of it (pun not intended). And thus, I petition you all, fine People of Some Importance, for your assistance in honing my intellectual skills beyond what I ever could have hoped for on the Surface. Preferably before the nightmares consume me. I speculate that there may be a threshold to what my mind can handle, and I fear the territory that lies beyond it.

If you wish to accept my plea, you may contact me here: https://www.fallenlondon.com/profile/Elizabeth%20Fairweather

Watchful: 57
Shadowy: 34
Dangerous: 18
Persuasive: 43

As for a riddle, I have none of my own, but I offer up one that I have heard in my time - and dare I say, it's rather pertinent to London's current situation!
I can only live where there is light, but I die if the light shines on me. What am I?
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1 days ago
Seeking, yes, I am seeking... Patrons, not names, no delicious names... TheKolega is mine. Name, not patron. No patrons. Yet. Don't give names, please, I am fasting...

I have persuaded 103 moths to step away from the nightlight, seen 93 bats hanging from a single perch, broke 80 wine glasses in my disreputable moments, but my shadow can only hide 54 rats from the moonlight. No foreign names here. They taste unaquired... I seek your eminence, Your Eminence. For now. Until we meet.

Don't like riddles. They don't have names. Blasphemous...

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