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Here you can find help from other players. Find a chess partner, someone to listen to your nightmares, or a clique.

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Tsar Koschei
Tsar Koschei
Posts: 90

EDIT: I've found a patron, but I'll leave this post up for future reference. Feel free to add me for fun and profit!

I have been getting to know the Neath for a little over a fortnight now, and while I do think I'm learning the ways of this place quickly enough, some guidance from a kind soul would not go amiss. More specifically, I seek the patronage of an Invisible Eminence, although the attentions of a Paramount Presence are, of course, entirely welcome – either way, assistance in matters of subtlety is my particular need. That being said, beggars can't be choosers, and any so inclined may freely send me their card.

I am well aware that unkind tongues have been known to describe me as something of a cad, but I would like to assure you that any beastly rumours you may have heard about my supposedly cavorting with devils, carrying on various scandalous romances and liaisons, and generally engaging in conduct quite unbecoming of a gentleman are all egregiously exaggerated, if not outright fabrications. Furthermore, you should not believe anyone seeking to impugn my character with scurrilous accusations of criminality – no such case has ever been proven, and it is only unconscionable wags and scoundrels spreading these slanders among polite society.

Should you choose to take me under your wing, I shall reward your kindness with fealty and friendship. Fidelity such as mine you shall else never find, and I shall endeavor mightily not to disappoint as a student. If nothing else, I have been known to be good company, even if I do not always keep it.

Base stats:
Watchful 62
Shadowy 55
Dangerous 68
Persuasive 74
edited by Tsar Koschei on 7/5/2018


No chess, loitering, friendly sparring, coffee at Caligula's or Affluent Photographer, please.
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Maggie o'More
Maggie o'More
Posts: 2

Hello! I've been playing for not quite a month, but I feel that I've made a decent progress on my main account.

Below are my stats & some info about my accounts (the last one is brand new!)

Dr. H, a social-climbing beauty who may or may not be guilty of a recent crime spree...
Watchful 80
Shadowy 88
Dangerous 94 - I do not need help with this one.
Persuasive 107 - I do not need help with this one.

Lady Maggie, a revolutionary Irish woman with a vendetta, masquerading as a lady of a foreign court.
Watchful 71
Shadowy 35 - I'd like help with this one!
Dangerous 29
Persuasive 67

Hafsa, a person with absolute amnesia, come to the Neath in search of the truth.
Watchful 57 - I'd like help with this one!
Shadowy 39
Dangerous 24
Persuasive 62

Riddle: How many one ft by one ft bricks would it take to complete a four wall building which is 20 ft by 20 ft each wall?

Answer: One; the final brick will complete it.
edited by Maggie o'More on 7/15/2018

Maggie, a lady with many false names.
Dr. H, a woman always looking for trouble.
Hafsa, a person with no memories.
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Posts: 3

Brothers, sisters, and siblings of mysterious and indistinct gender, I pray that the airs find you well this morning.

I seek a patron. I assure you of my absolute loyalty in this arrangement.

Clearly I am not far off 100. Shadowy is the hardest for me to raise but I am happy for patronage in any field.

I have accepted a patronage arrangement, thank you.

I remain yours, faithfully, Citizen Idumaean.
Watchful 88
Shadowy 89
Dangerous 91
Persuasive 87
edited by idumea on 7/6/2018
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Remaining yours, Citizen Idumaean
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Posts: 2

To those most Devious and Fearsome members of Neathly society:

Having lived in the Neath for two-some-odd years now, and being quite comfortable to surround myself with merely the Courtasans and Hangers-On that naturally attach themselves to one with Talents and Appetites as Significant as my own, I find myself desiring the company of one more my Equal, or even (dare I say it) my Superior.

While I admit that surpassing my Friends and Acquaintances in every sense was fulfilling for a time, I now realize that to grow and evolve I need to aquaint myself with those who will inspire me to self-improvement, rather than languid stagnation.

My talents are as follows:

W: 103
S: 84
D: 84
P: 112

As you may have gathered from this information, I would have the most to gain from a person of significant skill in the arts of Subterfuge and Force, the dialectical forces that rule the Rooftops and Rookeries of our fair Sunless City.

As for my riddle, it is as follows: Walk on the living, they don`t even mumble. Walk on the dead, they mutter and grumble. What are they?

My Mantelpiece
edited by Howe on 7/4/2018
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Posts: 3

Edit: I now have a shadowy patron.


I've been playing off and on for a few months now and am seeking a patron for my character. (Asher McMillen) He's seeking revenge for his dead loved one and is trying to become a Posi as the first step of traveling to the Iron republic. He also spends his time teaching at the university and going on expeditions in the Forgotten Quarter. He really liked being a detective and is kind of sad that there don't currently seem to be any more cases to solve.

These are his current unadjusted Stats:

Watchful: 87

Shadowy : 51

Dangerous: 80

Persuasive: 66

I'm mainly looking for a Patron to boost Shadowy as despite his revolting disguise, he's just not very stealthy

This is one of the few riddles that I know:

What do the poor have, the rich need, and if you eat it you die?
edited by AsherMcMillen on 7/13/2018
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Posts: 1

Hello, I am Stefión a newish addition to the neath.
My Stats are:

Watchful - 76
Shadowy - 58 (I need help here)
Dangerous - 81
Persuasive - 97

I would kindly request patronage as my character prefers writing plays and such to stealthing in the shadows.
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Posts: 1

Been playing Fallen London for about 2 weeks. Wanted to increase my stats so I could explore more. I am on daily.

My stats are:

Watchful: 60

Shadowy: 38

Dangerous: 46

Persuasive: 27

I would like a Patron for Persuasive if possible.
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Posts: 126

(UPDATE: I have a mentor now, no longer looking.)

The Jaunty Mystic seeks an Extraordinary Mind to learn from.
She had a most foolhardy encounter with a voice from a well, and charred her mind trying to decipher what it was shouting. Well, that wouldn't do for a mystic, would it? She's repented deeply of that decision and is on the straight and narrow now.

Watchful: 57
Shadowy: 105
Persuasive: 113

Thank you for your consideration! (Happy to do other social actions and donate Making Waves as well.)

Mantelpiece - http://fallenlondon.storynexus.com/profile/Taranlei
edited by Vega on 9/4/2018

The Jaunty Mystic roams the streets of London, interviewing fellow citizens. Accepting all Acquaintances, social interactions and opportunities for casual in-game roleplay. Member of the Temple Club, happy to invite you for a visit anytime!

The Shifty Spectre has departed on the final voyage.
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Posts: 1

Hello -- I am Klettie, a very serious young woman who is newly ventured to the Neath. I am seeking a shadowy or watchful patron -- but ideally a watchful one:

Watchful: 24*
Shadowy: 24*
Dangerous: 41
Persuasive: 39

Please advise. Thank you for your kind consideration.

A man walks into a specialty restaurant and orders the albatross. After he takes one bite, he pulls out a revolver and shoots himself. Why?
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edited by mackerel on 8/18/2018
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Posts: 2

Good day, gentlefolk, I am FiercelyFerociousFeminista, an observant & intriguing lady. I am somewhat newly arrived in the 'Neath & find myself in need of a Patron, particularly one that can aid me in improving my Shadowy Skills. I'm not very dangerous in the common sense of the word, and I'm fine with that, but would not turn away a patron who could help me in that arena.

My stats:
Watchful - 24
Shadowy - 14
Dangerous - 6
Persuasive - 28

What do an island & the letter T have in common?
edited by FiercelyFerociousFeminista on 8/20/2018

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Posts: 3

Hello, Delicious Friends!
I am Moros, future Correspondent.

As of September 3, '18 my updated stats are:
Dangerous: 72
Persuasive: 84
Shadowy: 80

I am hoping to find an Extraordinary Mind to lend me a hand in my path, and will gladly join in any social actions.
edited by Moros on 8/25/2018
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Posts: 1

I am an aspiring artist not associated with any movement. Despite my work in authoring short stories, I am limited in what I can achieve with my current knowledge. Thus, I request the patronage of a person of Legendary Charisma.
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Posts: 4

Antidas, a fairly new arrival from the Tomb-Colonies, as far as anyone is concerned, friend of devils, as far as they know, and avid player in The Game is looking for a tutor under whom he might further cultivate his mind and body.

Watchful 32
Shadowy 9
Dangeous 32
Persuasive 22

I must stress out that I am also looking for RP buddies.

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Hello, I'm currently trying my best to gain the respect of the Black Ribbon Duelists, so I wish for all the help I can get. I've been playing this for a week and I'd be down for any game-related talk. I'm playing this daily for any social related actions smile

Watchful: 62
Shadowy: 40
Dangerous: 63
Persuasive: 53
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Posts: 6

(Currently has a Patron - Thank you!)
Dr. Lucy Gresham is a rising star in London, seeking a benefactor and future colleague. She is fond of adventure, urchins, and uncovering mysteries. As she is following a balanced path (investigations tend to uncover threats that need a good thrashing or are best avoided), all forms tutelage is welcome Once she finally achieves the recognition she deserves, she can promise regular assistance and a listing in the acknowledgements of all her papers. (link in signature)

Watchful: 99
Shadowy: 68
Dangerous: 76
Persuasive: 88
edited by OmegaPaladin on 9/29/2018

Dr. Lucy Gresham, scholar and plucky adventurer!
Enrique Santiago, Sailor turned zailor and hunter of legends.
Sophie Dumitru, Former urchin, now both Thief and detective.
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Posts: 5

Hello, I am an up and coming young man, something of a literary dilettante, and, much more quietly, a rising thief as well. I'm also a bit of an archeologist, but only because I want to get access to the University. I have certain urgent business that can only be resolved there.

As a former urchin, I am more than willing to flatter anyone who buys me lunch at Dante's Grill. A good meal is worth more than my dignity.

I'm seeking a patron to help me with any of my stats except Dangerous, which I'm saving for last.

My stats are:
Dangerous 47 - Puissant

Persuasive 87 - Compelling
Shadowy 84 - Sinister

Watchful 86 - Sagacious

I have two points of making waves to give away.
edited by Boyslides on 10/8/2018


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Posts: 9

(Turns out the fallen heralds classified section is quite effective, I have found a patron - Thankyou!)

Glad tidings fair gentlefolk,

Oswald Kingley-Mortimer at your service, perhaps you have read my tales 'The Courtesan, the Rubbery Man and the Fluke' or 'The secret life of cats'? Both would serve well to inform you on my philosophy and sensibilities.

I've been a member of the community for some time but have recently returned from sabbatical and am currently seeking a patron to educate me on the finer points of Neathly etiquette, I understand that the reflected glory of my literary talents may be helpful for those of higher standing than myself and am more than happy for that to happen.

I graciously await your replies.


Seeking patrons for all stats which are currently:
Dangerous: 82
Watchful: 81
Shadowy: 79
Persuasive: 77

I don't know how the making waves thing works, but I currently have 5 points, which aren't of any use to me.

Thanks for reading, delicious friends.
edited by Chafe on 10/23/2018

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Posts: 47

(Currently have a Patron! Thank you)

Good tidings, delicious friends.

Surely you have heard the name of Frogvarian - a rising poet and author, and a brilliant detective to boot. Though, even one such as myself must admit, help and connections are invaluable if success is desired in the Neath. Thus, I have decided to seek a patron of an Extraordinary Mind.

I'm sure such a partnership will be beneficial to the both of us.


Watchful: 55
Shadowy: 22
Dangerous: 10
Persuasive: 41

As mentioned, seeking primarily an Extraordinary Mind for Watchful improvements. Planning on becoming a Correspondent in the future.

My Making Waves quality is at 6, though I have not figured out what its purpose is yet.

I'm patiently awaiting your responses.
edited by R. J. Frogvarian on 10/20/2018
edited by R. J. Frogvarian on 10/20/2018

R. J. Frogvarian
An Extraordinary Mind, Correspondent, and author of mysterious, if a bit scandalous, qualities.
Open to interactions, roleplay, chess, and the occasional scanadlosity.

Rebeka Frogvarian
A zee captain of some renown. Seeking the name that was forgotten.
Open to interactions, intrigues, sparring bouts, and fellow Seekers.

Publisher of The Goosey Gazette, the best stop for all things arty and Neathy!
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Posts: 3

After a long absence I'm back to Fallen London. I'm currently on my way to becoming a PoSI, and figured I should benefit from a patron while I still can. I dabble in all storylines, though I have a predilection for the persuasive kind. I am particularly struggling with my shadowy stat because I lack proper gear in that department. Thus, help from an Invisble Eminence would be appreciated. I'll gladly respond to any request in turn.

My unaugmented stats are the following:
Watchful - 90
Shadowy - 87
Dangerous - 94
Persuasive - 106

I'm afraid my knowledge of riddles isn't vast enough to provide one that hasn't been posted already.

EDIT: I found a patron, though our acquaintance was rather short because I became a PoSI much earlier than expected. I thought you needed to buy expensive clothing, have at least one hideout, and things of that sort, but it looks like I was mistaken.
edited by Starsky on 11/1/2018

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Osborn Draiss
Osborn Draiss
Posts: 16

Hello Ladies, Gentlemen, Squid and everything in between, my name is Osborn Draiss. I'm afraid to say that I cannot comment on my greatest works, as they are barely legal at best, but I assure you, they are great nonetheless. As a gentlemen who's base stats are:

Shadowy 54
Persuasive 41
Watchful 14
Dangerous *ahem* … 6

I would say that I could do with a Patron

I have also made 3 whole waves, if that means anything to anyone.

I would most prefer help with my shadowy work, as it is my favorite.

Edit: I have managed to find myself a patron. If someone else wishes to be my patron, I'm not going to say no, my social circle is rather small right now, but I'm not precisely high priority.
edited by Osborn Draiss on 11/7/2018

Osborn Draiss, a bumbling idiot who doesn't know what he's doing.

If you, for some unknowable reason, want to contact me, you can find me at https://www.fallenlondon.com/profile/Osborn%20Draiss. I am always interested in new friends.
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