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Here you can find help from other players. Find a chess partner, someone to listen to your nightmares, or a clique.

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24 days ago
My esteemed colleagues,

Aspiring artist Kade Corlaw and protégé proudly announces his willingness to entertain offers from patrons of note. Do not miss out on this once in a lifetime opportunity to claim affiliation with this rising star of Fallen London lest your evenings be spent cold and alone -- absent the warmth of polite company.

(Persuasive 47, Dangerous 41, Watchful 38, Shadowy 24)

Update: Master Corlaw's schedule is quite busy now, thank you!
edited by KadeCorlaw on 2/6/2018
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17 days ago
I'm newly escaped from the prison and fumbling through finding my place in the city. A patron would be appreciated.

Watchful: 14
Shadowy: 17
Dangerous: 46
Persuasive: 10
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11 days ago
I need a persuasive patron to increase my skills, as I am on my way to PoSI. If I could I would request Shadowy, but it is too high currently. Persuasive is the next best thing, being my lowest skill at only about 75 compared to my Shadowy. Doing this will help me with PoSI and my ambition.


Shadowy: 106
Watchful: 72
Dangerous: 85

Cleaned this up a bit! Original text below.
edited by Sara Hysaro on 2/13/2018
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Avernus Albakir
Avernus Albakir
Posts: 2

5 days ago
Fellow Londoners

As an aspiring student in the noble art of mayhem, I would welcome guidance from a daring lady or a swashbuckling gentleman. (I bring my own hob-nailed boots).

Watchful: 82
Shadowy: 69
Dangerous: 68
Persuasive: 96

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Baron Blunder
Baron Blunder
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2 days ago
Good day to you fine Ladies and Gentlemen.
I am Baron Blunder. I have been traversing the Neath for but a few weeks now, having arrived here out of curiosity by way of the Sunless Seas. It is a remarkable place, and clearly I have much to learn.
  • Watchful 73
  • Shadowy 27
  • Dangerous 48
  • Persuasive 64
My personal leanings are towards Manganimity. Scandal and Nightmares seem to dog my footsteps, though I cannot imagine why.
I will be active most days in the Neath, and will prove an Exceptional Friend.
I don’t know what we might be able to do for one another, but life in the Neath is, if nothing else, a journey of discovery. Shall we find out?
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