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15 days ago
Good evening, I've been playing Fallen London for a few years, but took a break of a year and only recently began playing again.
I'm new to the forums and would love to make acquaintances or friends throughout Fallen London, the forums and Sunless Sea.

Happy to be here in the Neath.

Honeyaddict, Canon

A pleasure to meet you.
PM me for social interactions in Fallen London (Please no Affluent Photographer, I have enough Neddy suits and Anarchist Sables)
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11 days ago
Good evening.

I spent about a year in London quite some time ago; I'm afraid I was quite uncivilized and sought out only material gain. I endeavored to indulge my insatiable hungers as rapidly and fully as possible, but was abruptly called back to the Surface.

I know and endeavor to do better now, so allow to me to reintroduce myself--Senforza, at your service. Recently reinstated Professor, editor and publisher of 'The Overneath Observer', cracker of the 'Jack-of-Smiles' case...among other things. Someday I'll be a correspondent, but at the moment my old sins relegate me to a lowly trickster. I've only recently taken up journaling, so you'll have to forgive me if my early memories are a little foggy.

My heart's desire is to know everything. Time will tell if this urge is ultimately magnanimous or destructive; it's been both in turns.

(I am rather curious about this 'name' I keep hearing everywhere...although that's a mystery for another time.)

Senforza. Curious to a fault. Tentatively moral. Reformed, mostly.

Chels. Tout sauf la sixième.
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Greg M
Greg M
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10 days ago
Good evening! I am a newly minted Person of Some Importance. Been in here only since around late November, but I quickly got addicted. I have been doing very unusual things like writing and staging a play (which I do above the surface) and collecting legal documents (which I also do above the surface...wait. Why am I playing this game?)

No, but seriously, this world is addictive, the community has been awesome, and I love it. I'm going to throw a shout-out to it in my current above-surface Tale of the Future...I mean, sci-fi novel.

Profile: GregM.

A newly minted PoSI. Available for any non-SMEN social interactions and RP, and happy...January?
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7 days ago
Good evening, delicious citizens of the Neath! (with no assumptions on the quality of your situation, the height of the sun, or the taste of your flesh)

I joined FL about half a year ago but only started playing seriously in time to miss most of the Merriness surrounding the end of the year. In all honesty I'm still a bit lost. My character (profile link: http://fallenlondon.storynexus.com/Profile/Vodanya) is theoretically SMEN but actually collecting rats to gain access to certain non-pettable (?) felines.

Please feel free to send me a message for any activities that require a partner. Cats in boxes, chess, investigations, you name it and I want it. If anyone knows whether or not a certain, ah, waxy business might be going on somewhere and would tell me, well, that would be stabulous. There are a few cards fluttering about but the house is quite empty...

When not hunting for dead rodents I study Biology, read, and muck about in the High Wilderness, a House of Many Doors, and the Unterzee.
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