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13 days ago
I may be broke, and far mor notable than I needed to be, but I feel like my Hallowmas is complete now:
-I solved the mystery with 'the best ending'
- Londons judicial system won't be the same now I am acqainted with 3 of its judges.
- I have many new kitties: Besides the Princeling and the Augustine Feline, my 7 Short Tempered Shorthairs now have 7 Wretched Mogs to play with.

Feel free to invite me for any kind of social action.

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8 days ago
Even without the option to grind more confessions, the last two weeks were great and I'm not talking about Hallowmas only!
Skinny got his soul back and sold it for the second fabulous diamonds and I'm done with M's Blood grind after loosing them (diamonds and Blood) because of a well!
Got 77 lovely mogs, but also two classy ones!

Aaand my alt, Clark, after never loosing his soul, on the first Visitors card he got a value of 200 (eclectic bundle)! I remember that Skinny got it back after hundreds of One's Public, many Zee voyages, hundreds Noman and Visitors cards before setting the course for N!

Time to start the Noman's prep!

I am accepting Plant battles, Neath's Mysteries card, Starveling Cats and boxed cats.
No suppers, no second chances gain and no need to cure my menaces!
Achievement list if you're feeling bored!
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10 hours ago

First time(s) I've reached Renown 50 outside of the original Connections conversion. For some reason, I needed to first abandon the Great Game and delve into the secrets of Parabola to do this without a Mood, though.
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Azoth I - Midnighter - Paramount Presence
Away to where the Chain cannot bind us.
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3 hours ago
I finally got rid of my inferior lodgings. No useless lodging-opportunity cards in my deck anymore. Only the potential of my bazaar-premises. Well, I'll probably get some more of them back.
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edited by NNNnobody on 11/16/2018

......I'm shy.....
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