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Which was your least favourite ES of the last 12 months?

The Bones of London:1
Written in the Glim:0
Required Repairs:4
For All the Saints...:1
The Magician's Dream:0
A Little Pandemonium:0
The Price of Loss:5
Cricket, Anyone?:0
Noises from Upstairs:0
The Stag and the Shark:1
(not going to vote, show results):11
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7 days ago
Here we go again... another year has passed since the last Exceptional Stories polls! smile

Here's a link to the Favourite Story poll.

As usual, it would be best if only users who've played at least two thirds of these stories took part in the poll.

If you're interested in previous years' results, here they are: 2016 2017 2018

Something else: when this is over, I'm planning to make an Exceptional Stories Super-Poll, with only the best-liked stories of the past four years - and Flint - competing for the title of Best ES Ever smile
edited by phryne on 5/17/2019

~~~ Poll time! Vote for your favourite and least favourite Exceptional Stories! ~~~
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