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Tsar Koschei
Tsar Koschei
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Lumyire wrote:
Confirmed that you can get a second Dreadful Surmise if you've played this option in a previous year.
More precisely: If you have previously taken honey with her once, then gotten a second CP from the advent calendar, you can meet her once again this year. However, if you had only 1CP of princess acquaintance at the start of this feast (eg from the advent calendar), you can actually take honey with her twice this year. That's what I've done: I unlocked the stat from the advent calendar, but since I had never met her before, I've now taken honey with her twice this week, and earned two surmises.

The luckiest group would be players who have either never had any interaction with her before, or had taken honey with her in a preceding year, but didn't open the door in the calendar. Those people have a chance to get up to three surmises out of meetings with her.

Certainly an interesting fix they came up with. smile
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