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For the discussion of our next game, coming January 2019.

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The Elfin Cannibal
The Elfin Cannibal
Posts: 162

18 days ago
I could not play Sunless Sea until I added infinite money with Cheatengine. I do not want that to happen again. Will there be a story mode for those of us who are terrible at roguelikes?

DO you recall how the Hunger began?
I'm sorry, my darling, I don't think I can!
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I fear I've gone Seeking, for of Him I'm fond.
--The Elfin Cannibal

Bohemian. Revolutionary. Fond of Rubbery Men. Carefully friendly towards He In The Well.
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Jolanda Swan
Jolanda Swan
Posts: 925

18 days ago
I don't know if thiis helps, but I am enjoying my scond playthrough, where I am using my previous characters heirlooms, way more. Perhaps create heirlooms with the engine and start a new character, who begins rich in a game-sanctioned way?

Lover of all things beautiful, secret admirer of ugly truths, fond of the Parabola Sun... and always delighted to role play.
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