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I send this letter much like a surface child aiming to contact Saint Nicholas- filled with hope & anxiety in equal measure. Though unlike them I do not fear that my message will fall on deaf ears, but rather... that it won't.

It was a fairly innocent- even banal impulse that first drove me to seek you out, if you even exist (or ever did). Curiosity is what first led me to the neath, and the acquisition of knowledge drives me still. But the question of your nature & identity is an altogether different kind of pursuit. There is a burning need at the heart of this riddle... a hunger- one that calls to me in my dreams and waking hours alike. But like so many primal desires giving rise to it offers no satisfaction, only an ever deeper yearning to pursue it further.

I am not alone on this twisted journey, to be sure. I had barely begun before the echoing hollow within me called to others, and soon enough their whispers of candles and betrayal carried me along into the dark. Then came the not-candle, and the not-cat.

I have no inkling of what horrors I will encounter on this road, though as I progress further along it and feel my mind and body emptied out bit by bit I have begun to understand where it will end.

I have a heading, and perhaps a destiny too. NORTH. That is where I must go... but not yet. There is work to be done, candles to be lit, and so very very much to be eaten.

-Doctor Krillani
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