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Is Wealth ambition too easy? Messages in this topic - RSS

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12 days ago
I have just completed de Wealth ambition and I didn't even had to visit Elutheria. I found all I needed in The Reach and Albion. Is this suposed to happen? I built my house in New Winchester. Maybe is too easy? Or maybe I was lucky obtaining the rare items?

I feel that at least you should be forced to visit all the areas of the game. How is it posible that I "beat" a game if 33% of its content remains unexplored still? (Elutheria). Maybe Wealth ambition was made like an "easy" objective. I don't know. I just wanted to share my thoughts smile
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Isaac Gates
Isaac Gates
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11 days ago
Well it was the easiest ambition in Sunless Sea so it would make sense.

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