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I didn't find a thread like that, so... here's a thread for any dreams you've had of Fallen London.

Last night I dreamt about the Iron Republic -- in highway form. Instead of recording different kinds of days in my Iron Republic Journal, I was driving down the Iron Republic Freeway and had to go down different exits and turnoffs and slip roads depending on my current state of being. The highway was convoluted and directions on the signage weren't for destinations but for whatever state you needed to be in to take that exit. At one stage, the highway birfurcated (see what I did there?) into two, and I had to choose which split to take based on some arcane reasoning; there was a massive sign but unfortunately I don't recall what it said. Another point, I found myself bogged down on a gravel sliproad trying to get back onto the main highway.

There was more to the dream. I'm sure the cars on the road were weird too. But this was all that I remember.

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