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For the discussion of our next game, coming January 2019.

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6 days ago
Sky-Captains, we need your help!

We’ve made some really big changes to way the Terror mechanics work in this build, along with a few tweaks to Fuel, Supplies and Crew. Details can be found in the Patch Notes and we advise you read them before trying experiencing the changes in game and leaving feedback here.

Please be aware that our next build in November will focus holistically on Survival upgrades, so there are further tweaks to come but we’re keen to see what you think about Terror.

  • What do you think about the new Terror Events?
  • Have you had to make any interesting choices?
  • Does Terror feel threatening?
  • Are you actively trying to manage your Terror now?
  • How do the new rates of Terror gain around the High Wilderness feel? Too much? Not Enough? Just right?
  • What about Spectacles. Are the Horrors too punishing? Are the Wonders rewarding enough?
  • Tell us about any Terror related deaths.
  • Anything else you want to share with us

Thanks in advance for your feedback.
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