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Can I go back to the old design? Messages in this topic - RSS

Jolanda Swan
Jolanda Swan
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Yes, support is still very fast to address your problem!

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Optimatum wrote:
alkemicVixen wrote:
I just came back to the game after about 6 months, and I'm so confused. I came back dead. After I eliminated all my wounds, I was returned to my lodgings, but I can't find the map or means to go somewhere else, and all my options seem to be fate-locked? Am I missing something?

What device are you playing on? The travel button may be in an unexpected place. For the rest, you'll need to contact support@failbettergames.com

I've found that widening my browser window makes the Travel button much more noticeable. (Wide enough so that it has the Sunless Skies advertisement on the right-hand side.) Shrinking it horizontally moves the Travel button up to the top corner of the Opportunity Cards window, and then shrinking further goes to the Always//Sometimes mode with the Travel button being turned into a compass icon in the top-right corner of the screen.
Not sure if that's helpful to you at all, AlkemicVixen - but hopefully it is of use to someone. :-)

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Jeremiah Oathes
Jeremiah Oathes
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Kittenpox wrote:
(Wide enough so that it has the Sunless Skies advertisement on the right-hand side.)

I know that FB needs to generate interest in Sunless Skies, but this ad totally breaks immersion. I'm very sorry, but I had to remove it via adblocker.

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