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The Rat-Funded Wedding of Anna & Emelia: Guestlist Messages in this topic - RSS

Emelia Blaire
Emelia Blaire
Posts: 20

The date is upon us, Delicious Friends! At long last, the famous (or perhaps infamous) Rat-Funded Wedding of the Lovely Emelia Blaire and Anna Enary. This has been one odd, wild, Neathy ride. It brings me such joy to see even a small part of the community come together for something like this, and in such a big way too!

Below is the mega-guest-list, a tribute to all who helped with this endeavor. Some special attention is given to the truly exceptional, but make no mistake, I've recorded all of you generous people with the same care and appreciate each and every one.

Keep an eye out, some beautiful art may be coming from my beloved soon.

Let's raise a glass of the finest mushroom wine, to the Neath and all it's love stories in all their delightfully unique forms!

Guests of Honor

Recognition for Delightful Acquaintance:
  • Klear
  • Maxwell Carter
  • Vandael

Special Recognition for Spectacular Generosity
  • Gerlak, you absolute madman. This fine individual sent rats a grand total of 102 times. My sincerest applause.

Recognition for Delightful Generosity
  • Kloxe
  • Sir Joseph Marlen
  • cathyr19355 (Also had Delightful Correspondence, delightful enough for a special mention)
  • Daedalus_Falk (Also had Delightful Correspondence, delightful enough for a special mention)
  • Evapillar
  • Red Christine
  • Manu Traveller
  • Nepeta
  • Raccoonajr
  • Candalf
  • Ixc
  • Honeyaddict

Recognition for Delightful Correspondence

  • Rossum
  • Sam Stephens
  • The Elegant Unfortunate
  • GregM
  • Vivienne Thursday
  • Senforza
  • Hark DeGaul/Your Aunt

Guest List

  • Mooloor
  • AnnoyedScone
  • Zero083
  • Perceval Fengryffen
  • Cassin
  • liquidsandwiches
  • Al Geroth
  • Doolittle
  • Hakada
  • Cleomenes Saxe-Weimar
  • LordStephen1
  • incerteza
  • Esurient Logician
  • Markus Tiberius
  • ZiggyTheLion
  • Sajach
  • Jonny Felix
  • Blitkrieger Burgherman
  • Erasmus Waits
  • Wildflowers
  • Ernyo
  • Vindicta
  • Ziek von Vanderstien
  • Dominik Gwalchmai Plejicc
  • MasterofPun
  • H Johnson
  • Yang573
  • George Grayson
  • Hebediah Fix
  • Dirae Erinyes
  • Morgan Hood
  • leopard573
  • Ginneon Thursday
  • Sevérin
  • Adam Sanzelwicky
  • Ragnar Defenhand
  • Valentine Fogsreach
  • Ludovico Santiago
  • Flannigan
  • The Six Handed Merchant
  • Karsus
  • laskaris
  • Esrtweet
  • Saga Skalicky
  • Jolanda Swan
  • Matilda_Ydmos
  • A nice friend
  • A Morel
  • Delores
  • Elrith
  • Haytham McDonnell
  • Omphale the Magnificent
  • vinceren
  • Anne Auclair
  • Reinol von Lorica
  • Irisn
  • Boglashok
  • Siobhan Reilly
  • suhe gul
  • Wintergreen8
  • PhiriUlfer
  • Lady of Lemons
  • Dungerson
  • Veracity Taylor
  • Jacqueline Blackwood
  • Rhode Wardwado
  • NummehCake
  • Jonathan Umberland
  • Ludovide
  • Alexus Harven
  • Captain Outis
  • Padraig Cooper
  • MrUnderhill89
  • Parandr0id
  • Ace-thetic
  • Lukeskylicker
  • Leszek Nx

edited by Emelia Blaire on 9/10/2018

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Posts: 430

I'm delighted to see that the wedding has finally been funded! Absolutely marvellous!
I do hope to find a proper wedding gift by the time the wedding happens!

Honeyaddict, Scarlet Saint, Paramount Presence
pleasure to meet you.

Has some strange ideas the Masters probably won't approve of like some items and establishing a Colony in Parabola.

I will accept most social interactions. I do enjoy role playing as well.
I will not accept the Photographer or dupes, if you dupe me I will not accept other help requests from you, at most Calligula's or keeping watch over a certain building.
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Greg M
Greg M
Posts: 178

Oh, this is so delightful! (And thank you for the shout-out; I genuinely was not expecting that.) Furthermore, it was your endeavors that partially inspired me and Nyxy to go for our own massive wedding.

While we're saluting the generous, Sir Joseph Marlen, cathyr19355, lxc, The Six Handed Merchant, laskaris, Jolanda Swan, PhiriUlfer and Lady of Lemons (so far) have donated to our upcoming wedding as well.

This community is amazing. Happy nuptials!

Profile: GregM.

Available for any non-harmful social interactions.
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Posts: 53

Most hearty congratulations! May your wedding be murine and delightful.

Vinceren, Crooked-Cross, Light-Fingered.
Vindicta, Midnighter, Dueling a Nemesis.
Viratrix, Correspondent, Seeking a Heart's Desire.
Venitor, Rat-Catcher, Hunting a Legend.
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Posts: 222

At last! The promise has come to pass! All is rats, and all shall be rats and all manner of thing shall be rats, and the Bazaar shall be showered with rats, and the Liberation of Rats will begin.

Congratulations on your nuptials, you lucky couple!
edited by Daedalus_Falk on 9/11/2018



For I was hungry, and you gave me rats. I was thirsty, and you gave me rats. I was naked, and you gave me rats. The rodents were gathered together, the cats slept in the Sun’s blindness, and the rats rose like the Moon, in the light at the edge of the cheese.
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Jolanda Swan
Jolanda Swan
Posts: 1144

Oh, we need to get to a tailor fast! No, not a Polythreme one! What were you thinking?

Lover of all things beautiful, secret admirer of ugly truths, fond of the Parabola Sun... and always delighted to role play.
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Catherine Raymond
Catherine Raymond
Posts: 2232

Congratulations! And thank you both, Emelia and Anna! I look forward to the event. It promises to be the event of the season!
edited by cathyr19355 on 9/11/2018

Cathy Raymond

Catherine Raymond aka Mrs. Rykar Malkus http://fallenlondon.storynexus.com/Profile/Catherine%20Raymond (Gone NORTH)
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Posts: 21


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Posts: 21

Ehm, anyway, I'm so happy you guys, I truly am. 102 times? That sure is a lot. But in the end, it was worth it. Thank you, and may your marriage be happy!

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Posts: 57

So happy for you both! Congratulations! I’m looking forward to your happy, rat-financed day!

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Sir Joseph Marlen
Sir Joseph Marlen
Posts: 573

And so the day finally draws near! I'm glad to see your lovely ceremony coming to fruition on such a bizarre crowd-funding platform. Thank you so much for the entertaining bout of community fun (as well as the list of recognition, I'm honored), and I look forward to seeing you two on the big day!

Sir Joseph Marlen - The Romantic Sophist
Alexus Harven - The Defiant Fatalist
Rose Reinhelm - The Respectful Revolutionary
Cappuccino - The Perfidious Spycraft

Available for any and all social actions.
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