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28 days ago
I heard tell of a captain called Ali, what made friends with them as lives in the Mimiricon, and in furtherance of that friendship lent them his head.

So I was nervous about pursuing this part of the storyline, since the meta-text warned me I might die, but ultimately I was disappointed. I countered all the arguments of the poisoned heads, at no small cost (at least one Moment of Inspiration and one Savage Secret), and when the story ended... nothing happened. No new options opened up. No reward. The option to enter the innermost reaches or whatever is still locked. This feels like it has to be a mistake... It just stops. Nothing else happens. I don't even know how to report this as a bug. Surely it is one, though?
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Lord Garuda
Lord Garuda
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27 days ago
That's really odd. I used all of the item choices for the three prompts and I was able to access the inner sanctum. The rewards there are pretty good:

A one time facet that gives you a Searing Enigma when you take it, as well as repeatable Moments of Inspiration and Experience, both for Eleutherian Mysteries.


I'm not sure why this happened to you, but I have a similar problem with Winter's Reside and doing the quest to join. Eleutheria is pretty buggy right now and I hope that most of the problems get fixed in the next release.
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