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Skinnyman wrote:
Was there anything added to this second week of the festival?

Nothing new so far.

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Good morning everyone! Just a reminder that Fruits of the Zee will be coming to a close around noon (London time) today. Hope everyone enjoyed some drownie songs, beer and some time by the zee!
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I want to say a big thank you to FBG for a great event. This is my first time experiencing FotZ, and I thoroughly enjoyed tinkering around with the fishing mechanics, and the storylets and how they meshed with the regular Mutton Island activities. (In a way I'm kinda glad there are no new seasonal items this year - fewer things for a latecomer/old-player-back-from-hiatus to collect. :] ) It's also my first experience with Destinies, and indeed, they are FL's writing and lore at its absolute finest. I don't regret playing them without looking at spoilers/guides, you can only experience Destiny for the first time once. (Though I did look at the Destiny guide afterwards!)

Thanks FBG for a wonderful Festival!

The Jaunty Mystic roams the streets of London, interviewing fellow citizens. Accepting all Acquaintances, social interactions and opportunities for casual in-game roleplay.

The Shifty Spectre has departed on the final voyage.
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Perhaps an idea for next year is that we can have a spearfishing option in addition to the standard boat excursion. We have diving suits, we have the Wrecker's Cove. Who wouldn't want to drop down and take their chances to land a special catch in the midst of dangerous zee beasts encircling you, and your oxygen supply in danger of running out?


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