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This is the place to discuss playing the game. Find tips, debate the best places to find certain items and share advice.

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Daedalus_Falk wrote:
I'd like to say that I also miss the "Who Else is Here" section - I met a lot of other players by seeing them there, and it makes the world feel a lot more populated.

I've just noticed that also the 'suggest a contact' button at the 'send a calling card' is gone. It may have been less popular than 'who else is here', but now both options for meeting a random, active player are gone. I want at least one of the options back.

For the rest of the design I think they are doing a good job at Failbetter Games. I have participated in the 2nd closed beta wave and seeing the improvements from that point makes me confident that they have read and considered all feedback up to now. For playing on my small smartphone the site is already an improvement to Storynexus. If those d___ed performance issues are solved, I would be content with making the switch on my laptop too.


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elderfleur wrote:
Aestrith wrote:
Im not sure if it is the right place to ask, but.
I really like the new design, and i'd like to download all the headers and the map. the latter is done, but is there the map without icons of locations? looked through the HTML-code, nothing is there. Help?
Here's a rather large version, which is conveniently wallpaper-ish sized.

Thank you very much!

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