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I just finished this story. I brought the Mackintosh to reunite with his daughter, but after hearing the Vandal’s side (and witnessing the Father’s reaction and ultimatum), chose to defend her.

I see that many were disappointed with that outcome. While it was brutal and perhaps initially a shock, it was clear to me that not intervening would mean witnessing a knife fight to the death. So if anyone had wanted to truly save the Vandal, there was only one outcome.

That’s how I saw It, at least.

I will say that I’ve played every ES and haven’t come back to read these story-specific threads until now. The discussion, shared text, and theories expounded here are really invaluable, I think. Helps everyone, no matter what choice was made during the story. It really helps flesh out the lore and understanding of what’s going on in a broader sense! So all in all, great to read.

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A bit late to the party, but better late than never.

I found this story a bit underwhelming, though the writing was fine (loved the puns), and the characters had potential. What really drew me out of the story was how easily all these characters suddenly trusted me with their secret identities/agendas (which are life and death revelations for them).

The setup was fine, but I would have like it much better had the story built upon the whole "secret agenda" thing, by giving us ways to play different Society members against each other. As it was, it was too short, and didn't give the more interesting aspects room to grow.

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Dudebro Pyro
Dudebro Pyro
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Gotta say I absolutely loved this one, and I don't usually say this about Exceptional Stories. Every choice went my way, too, and the consequences made sense (although reading what the others have stumbled into, I may have been a bit lucky in avoiding unfortunate paths).

That being said, did anyone let the Vandal go without giving up her coat? It seems to be the story's completion marker trinket (which is for once more than a useless trinket!), but she seemed very reluctant to give it up when asked, so I'm really not sure how you would end up with it if you don't press the issue.

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Rhode Wardwado
Rhode Wardwado
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Dudebro Pyro wrote:
That being said, did anyone let the Vandal go without giving up her coat? It seems to be the story's completion marker trinket (which is for once more than a useless trinket!), but she seemed very reluctant to give it up when asked, so I'm really not sure how you would end up with it if you don't press the issue.

I let her go without asking for her coat. I've got the echo that explains what happened saved here.

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I subscribed halfway through the season so I missed this one. How long does it usually take for these stories to be available with Fate?

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Recently, they've usually been available a few months after. Seems to be around approximately when the third exceptional story after it comes out

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I'm currently lost on what to do next.
I received that letter from the moth chaser people, then went to the library for more info.
Now I cannot seem to locate where I need to go to progress the story.

Can someone please help?

Edit: Veilgarden for progress after.
edited by kerrowe on 6/11/2018

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Kitty Salter II
Kitty Salter II
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I too have hit an impasse in the story. I have visited The Flit with a companion once, and after returning to the society in Veilgarden, I can't find any new storylets in any of the areas, only the one storylet in Veilgarden.

Can anyone help?

Edit: I have too many unfinished stories, so I thought the relevant storylets were parts of other stories. But the next steps for me were the factory and St. Cyriac's.
edited by Kitty Salter II on 11/15/2018

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