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Website redesign peek Messages in this topic - RSS

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It is difficult to criticize something like this without feeling like it is just change itself that I’m criticizing. But I will say a few things.

  • The discard UI is probably not going to be easily understood by new players, unless you add some sort of mouseover for the black X saying it is undiscardable.
  • The candles are pretty important for Fallen London, so I recommend keeping them in some form. Reducing the size might make sense, but for the sake of atmosphere some form of candle is great.
  • They should try to cut down on the empty space when they could add more information instead, unless they tried that and it ended up terrible.
  • Please, for the love of god, make it easier to see prerequisites for card draws and storylets. And when something is changed (like the amount of an item you have), make sure to give the new value so players don’t have to check. This is one of my biggest problems with the mobile app UI.
  • Hell, consider adding shortcuts to sell items when you get them. Anything to cut down on the time spent switching tabs. Speaking of which, please add a permanent dropdown menu for changing equipment sets. You have plenty of vertical space to work with, it seems.

  • Consider making quality changes more transparent, both in terms of the amount changed and the new value.

  • Make the Sunless Skies (or whatever it will be in the future) ad dismissible, unless that would be untenable. I already paid for my copy, I don’t need to keep seeing that. Speaking of which, I don’t play Early Access for story-driven games, and I think that might have something to do with the Sunless Skies issue.
  • Work on optimizing the speed of the website, cutting down on JavaScript usage where possible. I know that’s difficult, but as anyone who has ever disabled JavaScript knows, it takes up like 90% of website loading times.
  • Add support for Safari’s pinned tab icons, since I imagine a very substantial number of players would benefit from that. Anyone who plays regularly and has a Mac, really. The Exceptional Hat would be nice for an icon.
And most importantly, it seems like lacre is falling in the middle of the Feast of the Exceptional Rose‽ This is a terrible change, and should be reverted immediately. I’m surprised no one else has commented on it yet.

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    Hm. I can honestly say I, well, perhaps not exactly hate, but certainly dislike almost everything about the app. The only reason why I use it regularly is for the double action and card refresh rate, which I've come to absolutely love.

    Now, if they take that away? That's fine by me - I played for something approaching two years with "normal" rates, I enjoyed the past few months of abundant actions but I'll be happy to go back to using web-only (which works very, very well on mobile, by the way, with only a few quirks). But if they take away the only reason I had to use the app, then take all the bad aspects of it and force it onto the main website? Including the desktop version, from the looks of it? Ouch. I seriously hope that screenshot is a mockup showcasing a possible mobile (tablet?) site, and not a preview of the actual planned redesign for every platform.

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