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A game of survival, trade and exploration in the universe of Fallen London

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I am going to livestream tomorrow (dec 16th), at 4 pm pacific.

My current status: I've gotten 4 port reports turned in, and run down to zero fuel while pulling into London once :-). I am "still alive and dying" :-).
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So 6 deaths or so later, I've got a captain that survives.

Got most of the first two zones mapped. Found this giant gear-thing in a corner. I wanted to watch it, but the log covered much of it.

I had two viewers. One said that I could get closer, only the center was "solid". Noticed the map edge. Viewer even said I could sail there. "What's there?" / "Stuff".

After I went, he said "Bad stuff".

Lost two crew to lazy tentacles, one went crazy and shot two people before I had to kill her.

But home, and now I know how terror actually builds up, and how to prevent it from building up.

Now, how do I reduce it?
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You can reduce Terror by resting in your Lodgings while in London. More expensive Lodgings will cure more Terror, but cost more to do so.

There's ways to reduce Terror in other ports as well but the consistent options are usually much more expensive than at home.

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