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For the discussion of our next game, coming 2018.

Sprint 25 - Onward, to Albion: PERIHELION Messages in this topic - RSS

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Check out our latest sprint blog where we discuss which new features have been added, the Enduring Dreadnought, and which pieces of feedback we're working to address soon!
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lady ciel
lady ciel
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Have you got any idea when the latest patch will be available on GOG? I've been checking since you announced it but it isn't there yet.

Edit - finally available. Looking forward to exploring the new content.
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No Calling Cards or boxed cats please. Will take dupes on the affluent photographers. Other social invitations welcome though loitering might be inconvenient at times. Parabolan Kittens usually available, send me an in-game social action saying you want one and I will get one to you as soon as possible.

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