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Here you can speculate on the game’s plot, discuss its characters, and compare notes with other players.

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Drake Dynamo
Drake Dynamo
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Hey y'all. So I backed Cultist Simulator at the Prophet Tier, meaning I got to ask Alexis a question. What I asked was "Very simply, who do each of the characters in the Seventh Letter represent?"
Alexis's reply was thus:
"The Messenger is of course the Bazaar. The Phoenix is an untroubled star, busy at the melodramas of the High Wilderness.. The Owls are the Masters; the Dragons, the enforcement-emanations of Law; the Ravens, the lesser incarnates of the Liberation in the days before there was war in Heaven. Time is (as Aulus Gellius knew) the father of Truth, but is also of course in turn the child of Law.

I've probably missed a couple, but I don't have the text to hand, and it was a very broad question. smile"

This is of course missing the Hunter, but I've asked for clarification on that, and will update when possible.
Have fun discussing!

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Oh no. Another post from that goon who goes on about statistics.

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Emain Ablach
Emain Ablach
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Thank you very much for sharing this knowledge ! smile

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Alexis also mentioned that apparently there is a character called Nimbus when in fact no such character is mentioned in the play as we've seen it. Interesting!

The only thing i can think of that it might refer to is that a nimbus is a cloud and the Messenger enters "beribboned in rags of cloud". No idea what, if anything, that might mean...


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