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Catherine Raymond
Catherine Raymond
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dov wrote:
Catherine Raymond wrote:
will I be eligible for the Cudgel or the Cane?

No. The Cudgel/Cane are mementos of your chosen ally, should they not survive.

Great. So I've spent Fate to get to 40 Masquing that I can't use. My foolishness. Thanks.

EDIT: All is well, and all manner of things is well. It turns out there are other 40 Masquing Companions available that I did not have, one of which I have chosen.
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Cathy Raymond

Catherine Raymond aka Mrs. Rykar Malkus http://fallenlondon.storynexus.com/Profile/Catherine%20Raymond (Gone NORTH)
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I finished this quest a few days ago. At first I was a tad unhappy with the luck check (might I suggest removing the little "you were unlucky, better luck next time" thingy, just this once? It REALLY rubs it in). Now… I'm just very affected and mourning my friend the Last Constable. She and her father aren't so different, y'know? Nicely done.

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Nero Keller
Nero Keller
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10 days ago
I confess to having an odd time of it.

[spoiler]I originally played it on the app when it was released, and my ally, the Last Constable, somehow survived the luck check gauntlet in-game. However, IRL luck checks were less friendly, and the app refused to sync. Round 2 had her be the one killed. Then Failbetter redid the conclusion and offered a reset, so on Round 3, the Last Constable won again and is now still alive.

I wasn't aware that the Last Constable and the Cheery Man were fighting a lethal sparring bout, but I'm glad she's the one who won two rounds.[/spoiler]

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