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vinceren wrote:

Oh, my word This is too relatable. Thank you.

I haven't caught a GIF/screencap of this personally (at least, not yet - I don't know how to record it dynamically and figured that a screencap could be easily enough replicated in the future anyway) but consider:

The Skyrim "[Skill] 100" leveling up meme but with Fallen London stats (Watchful/Shadowy/Dangerous/Persuasive) increased to 200. And/or achieving the corresponding PoSI rank (Extraordinary Mind/Invisible Eminence/etc.).


[A questionable politician/celebrity getting the facts on something blatantly wrong]

['Watchful has increased to 200 - Extraordinary!']

(Or [Persuasive/Legendary], if they were actually trying to lie and looked ridiculous saying it.)
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