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Addis Rook
Addis Rook
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Do you think Polythreme makes contact lenses?

...would you wear them?

What if they came in every different color?
edited by Addis Rook on 9/13/2017
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I don't think they make contact lenses, but if you want living lenses, just bring some there.
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So I looked it up, it appears contact lenses were invented in 1888 in Germany so it's historically possible for them to appear in Fallen London.

Could they decide to make you see something different when you look through them? I don't know the limits of the anima that Polythreme grants items.

I mean clearly, they could jump up and walk off if they wanted to. And they could probably wiggle around. So they could make your vision look like a funhouse mirror. Or, if they were being cooperative, they could adjust their correction while being worn. But could they show you a movie? Could they tell you a story? I have no idea!

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