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What is your preferred skill?

I am Dangerous.:6
I am Persuasive.:28
I am Shadowy.:13
I am Watchful.:40
I prefer a combination of two or three skills.:29
All four! Is that not the point?:51
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Optimatum wrote:
I am, at last, a Paramount Presence. No clue what profession I'll go with once done with Renown.
And, if I'm not mistaken, that should make you the 77th Paramount Presence on this list.

Azoth I - Midnighter - Paramount Presence
A Fading Memory
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25 days ago
What incredible timing! And posted on the seventh page too...

(Although my profile link on the list seems to be broken. And since my profession is in flux, we'll need a replacement text... perhaps "pro Fluke-Core destroyer"?)
edited by Optimatum on 8/26/2018

Optimatum, a ruthless and merciful gentleman. No plant battles, Affluent Photographer requests, or healing offers; all other social actions welcome.

Want a sip of Hesperidean Cider? Send me a request in-game. Here's an_ocelot's guide how.

PM me for information enigmatic or Fated. Though the forum please, not FL itself.
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22 days ago
Tenterhook, a Glassman and the "Thirteenth Month", has just become a Paramount Presence. An unsettling presence, perhaps, but paramount nonetheless...
edited by earthbourn on 8/28/2018

Tenterhook - A sun-seared creature learning to be human.
The Mechanist, L. - Found what she was looking for. Gone now.
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11 days ago
Achieved this today!!!

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7 days ago
Ah, finally. The victory is sweet.

Mikarissa, a Notary.
edited by Mikarissa on 9/12/2018
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