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Here you can speculate on the game’s plot, discuss its characters, and compare notes with other players.

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What is your preferred skill?

I am Dangerous.:5
I am Persuasive.:23
I am Shadowy.:13
I am Watchful.:36
I prefer a combination of two or three skills.:23
All four! Is that not the point?:44
Hotshot Blackburn
Hotshot Blackburn
Posts: 98

5 days ago
I have finally completed the road to Paramount Presence! A proud Citizen, Glassman (previously a Monster-Hunter), and aspirant to the Calendar Council, Hotshot has plumbed the secrets of the stars, advanced the cause of Liberation, grown to extreme influence over Constables and Criminals alike, and expressed his lifelong devotion to his beloved squid-wife in order to reach this point.

Hotshot Blackburn: Hunter. Mercenary. Revolutionary. A firm believer in kindness, solidarity, and sufficient use of force.
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Aberrant Eremite
Aberrant Eremite
Posts: 316

3 days ago
Congratulations! I suppose that now you're a Big Shot, Hotshot.

Hieronymus Drake: Gentleman scholar, big-game hunter, scar-faced aristocrat. Remarkably sane, all things considered.
Tanith Wyrmwood: Longshanks cat-burglar; Bohemian author; now, perhaps, something more. Bubbly, expressive, and affectionate. It’s not only still waters that run deep.
Telemachia Lee: Gentle lady by birth, brawling Docker by choice. Good company in the drunk tank.
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