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16 min ago
Alice Lutwidge wrote:
That being said, I haven't seen anyone talk about this and I've been wondering... has anyone else discovered/learned how to work the debug panel in the prototype? It allows access to some pretty interesting things--not a whole lot, of course--but I've been debating about how to go about talking about some of the stuff I've found, and if it's even acceptable to do so.

I’d say that winnowing a game using debug shows a level of interest more likely to encourage than annoy its creators. Besides, so far we’re only as collectively devious as a 3-year-old child.

I used debug to fastforward. Also to play when deceased, just to observe that Glover and Glover don’t notice, and Acquaintances are keen as ever. I wish this ‘Cool Air’ style scenario was possible in-game; it would actually be a relevant use for a strict timer (like a lot of people, it seems, I don’t favour them as a pacing mechanism).

Whilst fiddling about using debug, which may or may nor be relevant, I once got a blank card called ‘The Waking Word’ – if this has been mentioned before, I’ve forgotten it. No image or text. ‘Studying’ it on its own generated The Rite of the Watchman’s Sorrow, without needing to combine any ordinary sorts of Lore:

The Waking Word is scored as 5 Forge, 5 Lantern, and 5 Lore, which seems quite substantial for anything in the alpha. I doubt it’s an Hour – it’s high, but not god-tier? - though I suppose it could be. A weapon or spell (more probable)? Something else? I’ve been sadly unable to find it again.

Anne Auclair wrote:
Do you think "unburnt" when you think "forge"? Actually, Unburnt seems to suggest a deity in opposition to the Forge of Days - one who cannot be consumed or transformed, even by that which yearns to consume and transform everything. There are still eleven Hours as yet unaccounted for after all.

Given the traditional symbolism of moths to flames,and that Illopoly himself is linked to the Wood, like the Moth (studying the first part of Travelling at Night gives you Wood-Whispers,and the Moth 'seeks among the trees of the Wood'), I wonder if the Unburnt God could be linked to The Moth and the Black-Flax, on the basis of the snippet that you long ago recorded from de Horis:

“The Glory is a question, and the Moth always answers Yes. The Black-Flax’s answer is No, and that is always its answer.”

Which might make the Unburnt God the one that gives the opposite answer, the mysterious Black-Flax. Maybe.

Dangerous to my enemies; loyal to my friends. Not too handy at telling the difference.

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