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Jolanda Swan
Jolanda Swan
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I am similarly frustrated with the game. Would it be too much to ask that the fallen characters leave you something to work with, so you do not start from scratch EVERY time? I have obviously backed the game because I love the creators' words and the eldritch world he half-conjures. The way the game is set, I have to sink way too many hours just to get a glimpse of what I thought I was purchasing during the KS.

One thing I liked about Sunless sea, which I found 2 years ago: you could play the hard way and grind endlessly like an actual sailor... or you could choose to allow saves and be safer to explore the world. CS currently has no such option. Thus I have to play the boring part again and again and again, till I get to the part actually promised.

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hwoosh wrote:
Frankly, I find Alexis's mini-ARG secret puzzles tedious and irritating, not for the lore/content itself, which is always excellent reading, but for the air of insufferable smugness around the whole thing.

I found all of the Enigma content in FL entirely on my own, and I've made it halfway through the whole bird/worm mystery, but at this point I really just want to be spoiled so that I can read the interesting words at the end of the tunnel and get on with my life. (It doesn't help that I'm far less emotionally invested so far in the world of CS, into which I've put 20 hours of my life, than that of FL, into which I've put literally thousands at this point.)

I've found

[spoiler]the secret webpage from the clue in the save file], but I don't see how I can "indicate my choice." I suspect it has something to do with a certain e-mail address[/spoiler]

, but since there's presumably a human being at the other end of that and they're super busy with post-release, I don't want to send guesses there willy-nilly. If anyone on this forum is inclined to honor my request to be spoiled or at least hinted, PM me please!

Update: I got there on my own, with just checking my guess with a kindly soul on the Discord channel to make sure I was correct.

My disillusioned attitude towards this style of puzzle and my philosophical disagreement with creator-requested secrecy has not changed. I'm not going to share the answer(s) publicly, but if you're as cynical as me and don't wish to bang your head against the wall, feel free to shoot me a PM. (The same goes for Enigma in FL and the "secret" easter egg in "Where You and I Must Go". I'd add the endings to SMEN, but my Seeker hasn't gotten there yet.)
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Vavakx Nonexus
Vavakx Nonexus
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The gateofhorn beta branch of CultSim on Steam has had basic modding support for a few days now, and I have created a series of small-to-medium mods about the Sea-Dragon's Palace, a fan Mansus created by folks over on the CultSim discord server (these mods include a new expedition with a unique obstacle, a new ascension, and a series of seven books), as well as a Ysabet dating mod. All of the mods can be downloaded from this link:

or just the Ysabet Dating mod over at

Mods are installed by throwing the provided files into Cultist Simulator/cultistsimulator_Data/StreamingAssets/content which can in turn be accessed by pressing the 'Browse Local Files' button in Steam's properties menu (available by right-clicking Cultist Simulator and pressing the Properties button).

In-game, mods are activated by first exploring with a Fleeting Memory, which creates a new verb, Fancy, which will give you an explanation of what items need to be put in it to activate specific mods (You'll need to Fancy Ysabet, a Skintwister, to begin your romance with her, and to Fancy your current Desire to get Temptation: Beauty).

All this stuff has been written by me in a few days, so it's likely going to be quite rough around the edges. Any feedback would be appreciated!
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