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A game of survival, trade and exploration in the universe of Fallen London

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10 days ago
The mournful melody reminds me of Klavier by Rammstein. I can imagine storming round to Reise Reise or Seeman would be quite apt too.

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12 hours ago
Absintheuse wrote:

The iPad version of Sunless Sea does not include the Zubmariner expansion, or the Cladery Heir / Pirate Poet stories (these weren't part of the base game of Sunless Sea while we were developing the iPad version). There are no current plans to add the above to the iPad version of the game, but if that changes, we will be sure to announce it.

Also if you experience any freezes or bugs, we'd love to hear about it. If you email sunlessmobile@failbettergames.com along with your device model, and what you experienced, that would be wonderful. Thank you!

edited by Absintheuse on 4/4/2017

If there is no plan to add the DLC, it would be nice if the game didn't have half the quest and then tell you that you need to buy the non-existent Pirate Poet DLC to continue smile
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