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Drake Dynamo
Drake Dynamo
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5 days ago
(OOC: This will be an ongoing thread of one-off stories pertaining to the Coffee God, that old jovial spymaster. This first story takes place between the Dynamos' jailbreak and the start of the Shade Hunt.)

Emma raps three times on the door. There is a shuffling inside, but no one answers the door. She raps again. This time, the door opens a crack, and a pair of nervous eyes peer out.

“What do you want?” The man at the door inquires.

“I’m looking for the Ant-” Emma begins, but she is cut off by furious shushing.

“Don’t say his name.” The man urges.

“Ah, so you know him? Good. Where is the Coffee God?” Emma says with a smile. The man sighs and reluctantly opens the door. He ushers Emma in, and closes the door. It is some sort of abandoned parlor.

“You’ve been away too long. He left.” The man declares, with an apprehensive glance about him.

“What do you mean he left?” Emma presses.

“He pulled out. The Network fell apart without him. They say it’s because you disappeared, Emma.” The man says, earning a raised eyebrow from Emma. The man continues.

“Oh yes, everyone in the Network knows you, Emma Dynamo. When they started to send your glowy-eyed friends to employ his services, the Coffee God had enough.” The man finishes.

“Well, where did he go?” Emma insists. The man shrugs.

“All I know is that he said he was going to hide in plain sight.” The man says. As he turns to let Emma out, she takes out her pistol and shoots him in the back of the head. If he’s not permanently dead, he’ll at least have to go to the tomb-colonies. Emma exits the premises.


Of course only he would be so obvious. “The Antioch Coffee Parlour and Restaurant” had been in business for several years now, corresponding almost perfectly with Emma’s disappearance. Emma enters the Veilgarden establishment hesitantly, and looks about. Just folks eating fungal pastries and sipping coffee. Nothing unusual. Well, for a coffee parlour. Very unusual for a spymaster’s hideout. Emma approaches the maitre’d, a very bored looking young woman, probably no older than 16 or 17.

“I’m looking for the owner.” Emma declares. The woman merely stares back.

“So? Lotta people come looking for him. Not a lot get to see him.” The woman says with a yawn.

“I will speak to the Antioch.” Emma demands. At the mention of the name, a degree of knowledge and panic appears on the young woman’s face.

“Don’t say his name! He goes by the name Antonios Methodios now. Follow me.” The woman says, abandoning her post, and rushing Emma to a small door near the back of the restaurant. She knocks twice. A voice sounds from behind the door.

“What is it?” The voice intones.

“Dad, one of your old coworkers is here.” The young woman explains.

“Wait, you’re his daughter? I remember when you were just a twig!” Emma exclaims. The woman eyes Emma with a degree of contempt. Before she can respond, the door opens, revealing a slender man with a large, scruffy beard, and long Jesus-like hair. He wears a ruffled suit.

“Emma? God lord, come in.” The man commands, rushing Emma into the room, and abruptly closing the door on his daughter.

“So you’ve gone domestic?” Emma inquires. The room is a small office, tastefully decorated. The man gestures for Emma to sit in a plush chair, which she does, before he takes a seat in one of his own. The man- the Antioch- nods.

“You disappeared, so I had no reason to deal with Sequencers anymore. Wanting information that you knew I had no desire of supplying to any party. Harassing my operatives. One even threatened to report me to the Special Constables. And of course, when I broke ties, that’s when they started targeting my agents. The Network was comprised of spies, peeping toms, and eavesdroppers- they typically can’t handle professional assassins and paid mobs. So, rather than see people who put their trust in me get hurt, I disbanded the Network, and they all went back to their former occupations. I needed a cover to disappear into, so here I am.” The Antioch explains.

“Well, I’m back in. Put the Network back together.” Emma states. The Antioch shakes his head.

“No, I’m done with the Sequencers. You think I’m so foolish, but I still have eyes and ears across the Neath. I know of your brother, your return, and what happened in that prison.” Emma’s eyes widen. The Antioch goes on.

“The Sequencers killed officers of the law to break you out of prison. They worked with that monstrous “Shadow of London” character to do it. I’m not going to work with such unscrupulous characters. The Network had ethics… I have ethics.” The Antioch insists. Emma frowns.

“What would it take to get you to do business with me again?” Emma asks. The Antioch pauses for a moment.

“It’s not you I’m concerned about. I’d work with you again in a heartbeat. I don’t want to work with golden-eyed dawn fanatics anymore. But, I would consider it, if I knew the Shadow of London was no longer someone they’re working with. It’s too powerful a force for them to control.” The Antioch admits.

“So, if we were to kill the Shade- er, the Shadow of London, you’d work with me again?” Emma suggests.

“I’d consider it. But running a coffee shop is boring, so I’d say you’d have a strong non-zero chance that I’d get back into business.” The Antioch says with a grin. Emma stands up.

“It was a pleasure seeing you again, Coffee God.” Emma says, before exiting the room and the coffee parlour.

There’s work to be done.
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Drake Dynamo
Drake Dynamo
Posts: 352

2 days ago
The Antioch eyes the messenger warily. One-Eyed Bob wasn't the most reliable source of information, but this was the third such report he'd heard: an agent of his had been picked up by constables to be used as evidence in some trial, after they had engaged in some sort experimental procedure with devils.

"What exactly did Bob tell you?" The Antioch asks, folding his hands together. Persephone, his daughter, stands by the door- the restaurant is closed at the moment.

"Mr. Bob told me to tell you that Little Lou was snatched by the constables for getting some extra souls from the devils." The messenger reiterates.

"Extra souls? He was caught with spirified souls?" The Antioch presses. The messenger shakes his head.

"No, sir. They put two more souls into his body." The messenger corrects.

Ah, this is new information.

"And you said they're getting ready for a trial?" The Antioch inquires, and the messenger nods.

"Yeah, both sides are looking for folks to testify about the procedure of gettin' extra souls." The messenger explains. The Antioch leans back in his chair.

"That will be all." The Antioch declares, and the messenger departs. Persephone enters the room and closes the door. The Antioch looks at her expectantly.

"Are our agents ready? Have they departed for Irem?" He asks. Persephone shakes her head.

"Until the Network is officially restored, I can only contact a few of our operatives outside of London. Blue Pete in the Khanate says he can charter a boat, but there's no other Network veterans that can accompany him." Persephone says. The Antioch pauses a moment in thought.

"What if we pay him extra, and have his ship go to Port Palmerston? The Henderson siblings are there, the four of them can join him." The Antioch suggests. Persephone nods.

"We can do that; but is it worth it for one man who may not even be there?" Persephone replies.

"He's the only one we know the location of that we could possibly extract information from. Besides, that detective will pay good money for him once we're done." The Antioch answers. Persephone sighs. She turns to exit, but the Antioch clears his throat.

"Also, get my nice suit together. We'll be going to court."
edited by Drake Dynamo on 3/22/2017

Drake Dynamo -Correspondent, Hesperidean Cider Drinker & Matchmaker
Emma Dynamo- Pulled from the past, ready to make a splash
The Antioch - The Coffee God (I do not check this account often)
Mr. Mauvais - A skulduggerous fellow, chopped up for the time being (Only active during seasonal events)

If you need to discuss RP matters, I can typically be found on the IRC in #Argo.
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