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For the discussion of our next game, coming 2018.

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Sir Frederick Tanah-Chook
Sir Frederick Tanah-Chook
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I went to comment on the latest Failbetter Podcast on YouTube, and then I realised - wait, we have a forum! So here's a thread to discuss the lovely FBG Podcasts, which you can watch on the Failbetter YouTube channel.

I've just been watching Episode 6, Part 1 - Liam and Hannah are discussing the change in Sunless Skies from Sunless Sea's simple 0-100 Terror system to a twofold system. The idea is that hitting 100 will, rather than triggering a possible Game Over, push up a Fallen London-style menace counter. Terror will be easier to reduce than in Sunless Sea, but this new counter will be more difficult - but, it may itself unlock new content, and possibly even change the legacy you leave to future captains. Interesting stuff!

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