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For the discussion of our next game, coming 2018.

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Sir Frederick Tanah-Chook
Sir Frederick Tanah-Chook
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I went to comment on the latest Failbetter Podcast on YouTube, and then I realised - wait, we have a forum! So here's a thread to discuss the lovely FBG Podcasts, which you can watch on the Failbetter YouTube channel.

I've just been watching Episode 6, Part 1 - Liam and Hannah are discussing the change in Sunless Skies from Sunless Sea's simple 0-100 Terror system to a twofold system. The idea is that hitting 100 will, rather than triggering a possible Game Over, push up a Fallen London-style menace counter. Terror will be easier to reduce than in Sunless Sea, but this new counter will be more difficult - but, it may itself unlock new content, and possibly even change the legacy you leave to future captains. Interesting stuff!

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20 days ago
looking foreward to this mysterious 'clockwork sun' THAT IS TOTALLY NOT THE DAWN MACHINE
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15 days ago
Jimmius wrote:
looking foreward to this mysterious 'clockwork sun' THAT IS TOTALLY NOT THE DAWN MACHINE

definitely not the dawn machine. london won the war. everything is fine. continue on. all will be well.
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