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Some time ago in my current playthrough, I did some unstamped-brilliant-soul smuggling for the Blind Bruiser. At one point I returned to London without the cargo, and chose to fight the Bruiser and his goons (a decision which didn't end well for my crew); my business with him is now thoroughly concluded. However, in Polythreme, the location where I was meant to pick up the shipment of souls for the Bruiser's last dealing with me, there remains the option to pick up the Cheery Man's cargo. I did it once and returned to London, the Bruiser did not show up, and I sold the crate at Gaider's Mourn. News apparently travels very slowly, because I've been to Polythreme many a time and the Cheery Man still has souls for me to transport. Has anyone else experienced this? It's kind of annoying having what amounts to a "lose 850 Echoes" button right between the choices to compile a port report and transport Clay Men.

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That's definitely a bug and should be reported to sunlesssea@failbettergames.com

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