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A game of survival, trade and exploration in the universe of Fallen London

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Good evening zee-captains!

I have been shocked the day I discovered that there was a boarding mechanic in the game, and very sad when I discovered that it was nearly impossible to use under the current build. So I have been thinking, and I decided to make a weapon mod, balancing existing weapons and adding new ones.
The main idea, behind allowing boarding, was to have specialized weapons for Hull damage, for Life damage, and polyvalent but weaker ones. The torpedo weapons had been reworked with Zubmariner, so I mostly left them untouched. They are powerful polyvalent weapons, but need ammunition in order to work.

I also reworked boarding events to make them a bit more profitable, but always trying to keep things balanced.

What I need now are feedbacks and suggestion about the mod to improve it and correct any bugs left behind the first tests smile

Here is the link to the mod: http://www.nexusmods.com/sunlesssea/mods/3/?

Hope you will enjoy it!
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Posts: 26

Hello fellow zee-charters!

Just a small message to say that the mod has been updated (maybe tweaked is more on point), featuring a more reliable way to burn-the-enemy-crew-but-not-their-ship.

Have a good week end smile
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