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Here you can find help from other players. Find a chess partner, someone to listen to your nightmares, or a clique.

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Iona Dre'emt
Iona Dre'emt
Posts: 23

7 days ago
Vermillion is at the early stages of seeking, but would like to receive a card at some point. But by all means, send them to those who needs them more first!

POSI Main, Phiri Ulfur, genderless and mysterious, influential and powerful. Their heart belongs to a Pirate Poet across the Zee.
Early-Game Alt Vermillion Liminate a semi-independent vigilante with often contrasting morals who will most likely die on his quest for the Name.
Early-Game Alt #2,Lady Jacqueline Blackwood, a charming social butterfly, though one must wonder at her true motives.

I will accept any and all social actions on Fallen London(unless its a box of live rats. I already got rid of the d---ned things once and I'm not eager to repeat the endeavor.)
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