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Um...sorry for the three year necropost (do people still play this anymore?) but oh my goodness I love this game so much. Perhaps a little too much? I'm unnaturally obsessed with this game. I just love it so much, especially the atmosphere, but I love everything about it in general, and I could go on...
Uh, yeah...that's it. Just wanted to say how much I love it.
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It´s sad. What happened to Checkers almost made me cry. I wish there were a bit more choices but this is just...this story gives me a lonely feeling.
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Bang Bang
Bang Bang
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So this game.

This is the game that will haunt me to my grave. I played it for the first time, what? Four, five years ago? And it's still the kind of thing that now, at 5am when I can't sleep, I think about. Hell, if you google 'The Thirst Frontier', that shitty Wattpad poem that comes up on the first page? That was me, back in my artsy poetry phase, obsessed with this game. Me writing this now? Still obsessed. Me three-ish years ago? So obsessed with this game I created a twine fan-made 'sequel' that was nonsensical as anything, but the only chance I felt I had at exorcising my love of this game.

This game is frustrating, terrifying, touching, and moving all at once. I have never felt so disorientated by a game, and at once so connected to it. I honestly cannot express how grateful I am to have been able to play, and come back to, this stunning piece of media.

(p.s. to anyone who wants to mock me, the 'fan sequel' I made can be found here: https://dumbpretentions.neocities.org/TTF.html )
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