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Sunless Sea

topics in this forum - RSS A game of survival, trade and exploration in the universe of Fallen London
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'Sticky' topic

Sunless Sea is now available on iPad

12 | from Absintheuse
22 days ago
from SeveredJoke
1478 27
'Sticky' topic

FAQ and Bug Reports!

from Sir Frederick Tanah-Chook
13343 2

Your favorite activity

from slickriptide
2 hours ago
from Amélie Vaincœur
48 3

So why is there no Zee-bat plushie for sale?

from Lord Blade
17 hours ago
from Tystefy
156 9

Blurry text, assistance required

from Wilhelm Klossner
1 days ago
from Hoot
328 17

Ship Outfitting Simulator/Calculator!

from amcnicoll
2 days ago
from Tyr Teg
297 13

Some modding-related questions

from slickriptide
9 days ago
from slickriptide
292 9

Has anyone else been told there's no support?

from Eachna
17 days ago
from Anchovies
265 5

Game Crashes on Startup. Unable to Play (Steam)

from Homestar
17 days ago
from slickriptide
116 6

(*Spoilers*) Some speculation re: blue scintillak

from slickriptide
18 days ago
from slickriptide
216 7

Spoilers! Father's Bones Guide Feedback please

from SporksAreGoodForYou
19 days ago
from Teaspoon
1697 9

Is the Irem we see in the game a lie?

from sivartis
23 days ago
from Teaspoon
225 2

Sunless Sea Lore, Fallen London, and more!

from ultrapowerpie
24 days ago
from Teaspoon
275 9

The Bright-Eyed Sequencer

from Vincent Asmund
24 days ago
from Vincent Asmund
254 13

New player seeking help

from Corvo
24 days ago
from Isaac Zienfried
197 8

Bagging a Legend

from slickriptide
24 days ago
from slickriptide
112 3

Regarding the Labyrinth of Eels

12 | from slickriptide
25 days ago
from slickriptide
1271 28

Is the Fathomking the Hungry Monarch?

from Anchovies
25 days ago
from Optimatum
172 6

What are the letters of the Name-Which-Burns?

from Anchovies
28 days ago
651 10

Acquiring Zonar Schematics and Cladery Hearts

from Saklad
from Fatih Akdoğan
867 13
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