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Fallen London

topics in this forum - RSS Deep. Dark. Marvellous. Our biggest and best-loved game.

The Salons

Here you can speculate on the game’s plot, discuss its characters, and compare notes with other players.
364 Counting the days...
11 hours ago

The Bazaar

This is the place to discuss playing the game. Find tips, debate the best places to find certain items and share advice.
1613 Suggestion: Steady w...
6 hours ago

Enlist other Players: the Singing Mandrake

Here you can find help from other players. Find a chess partner, someone to listen to your nightmares, or a clique.
133 Protégés Seeking Pat...
2 hours ago

Off topic: The Surface

Discuss topics unrelated to our games here - as ever, be courteous and have fun!
128 Fallen London and Lo...
2 days ago

Mr Pages’ Fabularities

“An archive of things that never happened”. An in-character forum for fanfiction and roleplaying. Beware - spoilers abound!
95 The plague of the po...
3 days ago

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We'd like to hire a Unity and mobile app developer

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Forum Moderation

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Storynexus downtime

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Storynexus message deletion

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Fallen London Change Notes

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Mysteries Closure

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